Russia 2018 World Cup exposes Africans’ rigidity

By Yasin Musa AyamiI have taken particular interest in watching the performance of African teams at the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Interestingly, Africa has scored only three goals so far with each of our teams save Senegal losing their match mostly in the dying minutes of the game.

I have observed that even with so much attacking talent, African teams love to defend.

It is as if they go into the game to maintain the same result before the game.

Learning from the way African teams play, I have noted that their play is not different from the way most Africans approach life.

Africans love to defend their status.

They keep unproductive pieces of land for generations, they shun business events, they defend irrelevant customs, traditions, they stick to economic activities that keep their poverty intact.

An African will defend a worthless job till retirement.

Africans are afraid to attack poverty and will find every reason to defend their sorry state.

There is very little to celebrate in Africa because we do not win.

Examine yourself.

What do you defend in your life? It is exciting to attack. Attack changes results, it brings euphoria, it makes life worth living. Start attacking what keeps you miserable now.

Watching Tunisia with all their attacking talent, speed and energy, I was left wondering why they opted to defend only to concede a heartbreaking last minute goal from the team that chose to attack.

Learn the bad lesson of defending from the African team and choose attack as your lifestyle.

Am off to attack!

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Court of Appeal upholds Governor Ngilu’s Win.

Thursday June 28, Nairobi. By Brian Peter

From left: The Kitui County Chief of Staff Crispus Ileli and the Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau celebrate after the Court of Appeal threw out the appeal filed by former Kitui governor Dr Malombe for lack of merit. The court upheld the victory of Governor Charity Ngilu.

The court of appeal has today thrown out the appeal filed by the former Kitui County governor Dr. Malombe, challenging the petition ruling made on March 2nd by the Milimani Law Court that awarded the election win to Governor Ngilu.

In a surprise ruling this morning, delivered by Justice Warsame, the court of appeal upheld Governor Ngilu’s victory, further dismissing the appeal on the basis that it lacks grounds. The court ordered the appealant to pay 3 million in legal fees and court fines.

Speaking to the press after the victorious ruling, the jubilant Kitui County Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs Minister Patrick Koki Musau congratulated governor Ngilu on her victory. He called for the people of Kitui County to support the governor in actualizing her Big Five Manifesto.

“I also urge Dr. Malombe to accept the court verdict, as it ruled on the best interests of the people of Kitui County, who freely and fairly voted in their able governor, ” quiped Minister Koki, populary known as Kuvasila. “The people of Kitui want development not politics. The politicking time is coming in 2022, let our brother wait until then.”

Minister Kuvasila however expressed confidence in Ngilu’s leadership, going on record that the people of Kitui wishe to have Governor Ngilu’s leadership for 10 years. He has urged Dr. Malombe to swallow his pride and work with Governor Ngilu for the betterment of Kitui County.

A section of Kitui MCAs have also congratulated H. E Charity Ngilu on today’s win. The Matinyani Ward representative Hon. Kitheka, populary known as Yaamu, has termed it as a perfect chance for the people of Kitui County to embrace development agendas under governor Ngilu’s leadership. The youthful mca encouraged all the youth in Kitui County to seize the innumerable opportunities under the leadership of Governor Ngilu and empower themselves for brighter futures.

The former Mutonguni MCA and a current hopeful in the oncoming by-elections, Hon. Kithuka also send his congratulation message to the governor for her victory. Speaking to the press at Kabati Town in Kitui West, Hon. Kithuka termed it as a great moment for the people of Kitui County. He urged all people to unite under governor Ngilu and her able adminstration so as to move Kitui to undreamed of heights in development.

“Let’s all now give Her Excellency Charity Ngilu and her able ministers and Chief Officers time and chance to deliver the Big Five manifesto, ” he pleaded.

Mutonguni Ward Updates: The Appeal Ruling Aftermaths

Thursday June 21, Kitui. By Brian Peter

File Photo: Residents of Mutonguni Ward hold demonstations outside the Kitui County Assembly in February 2018 decrying the lack of representation resulting from court cases that have dragged on for almost a year since August 8th elections. In an appeal rulling yesterday, the Kitui High Court ordered IEBC to conduct fresh elections

Kitui West political craze has reincarnated for a second time this year, after the High Court of Kitui ruled for a by-election for the Mutonguni Ward seat.

However, mixed signals are flying all over the public sphere; as little whispering ghosts hint another possibility of an appeal by one of the candidates in the tussle.

Despite one of the contestants, Musee Mati issueing a press release today, accepting the appeal rulling, and admitting he’s ready to go back to the ballot; his counterpart Felix Baridi Mbevo might have different ideas all together. The likelihood of filling an appeal with the Court of Appeal is high, as his legal representation maintains a no comment status towards the buzz.

Meanwhile, the former MCA Kithuka is suddenly on overdrive, as he prepares to unleash his bag of surprises for this banquet. Little tea parties and closed-door meetings are currently being held in one of the major towns in Kitui West, and the terms of reference are so obvious.

As an aura of uncertainty and anxiety looms over Mutonguni Ward, those in the political know are hinting possibility of a tough race in the by-election. Will it be Baridi of Narc, or Mati of CCM, or will the former MCA hon. Kithuka of Wiper carry the day; in the most controversial county assembly position since August 8 elections?

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It’s Fresh Elections For Mutonguni Ward, High Court Rules

Kitui, Wednesday June 20. By Brian Peter

Kitui High court Judge Mutende reads her rulling on the Mutonguni Ward appeal earlier this afternoon. She directed IEBC to conduct fresh elections.

Kitui West will be holding a second by-election this year, according to the rulling made today by the High Court of Kitui.

Following an appeal filed by Hon. Felix Baridi Mbevo, after the Kitui Magistrates Court nulified his win and granted victory to Musee Mati, Justice Mutende rulled that fresh elections should be conducted to give Mutonguni Ward a new MCA.

In her verdict, Justice Mutende stated that there were errors made in the rulling made by the magistrates Court in their past verdict. She rulled that provisional results should not have been used to determine the petition; and that the votes margin between the petitioner,Musee Mati, and the first respondent, Felix Mbevo, was so small it should have called for a votes recount and scrutiny. She also noted that form 34As were not availed to the court before the rulling was made.

Justice Mutende ordered that the IEBC conduct fresh elections for Mutonguni Ward; and that the first respondent, Musee Mati, pay the appealant, Hon. Felix Mbevo and IEBC all the costs incured during the legal suit.

Breaking News:Kitui Sugar Trader and Wife Released on Bond

By Brian Peter

Monday June 18, Kitui.

Mt. Kenya Distributors proprietor Mr Mwangi and his Wife Maggie celebrate their freedom, after the Kitui Magistrates Court released Mr Mwangi on a 1M bond this evening

The Mount Kenya Distributors proprietor Mr Mwangi and his wife Maggie have been released on 1million bond after being incancerated from Tuesday last week, over allegations of distributing contraband sugar in their stores in Kitui town.

Mr Mwangi has been detained in the Kitui Police cells while his wife was separately held in Matuu Police Station, following their arrests last week.
The incident drew a lot of media and public attention, with the Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu disrupting a crucial county meeting to, in the company of several local legislators and county officials, witness the arrest and impounding of the suspected contraband sugar consignment by the police.

Speaking yesterday at a church function in Yatta, the governor cautioned those with plans to dump cointetfeit goods in Kitui County and rebuked in strong terms the alleged sale of suspected contaminated sugar to unsuspecting Kitui residents.

However, samples of the impounded sugar have been send to the government labs for tests to ascertain whether they are really toxic as claimed, and by the time of going to press, no official lab results have been availed.

Upon seeking comments on the allegations, his legal team has requested that the Mwangis be allowed to rest first, since they have had a stressful week, but will explain things out to the media later.

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Governor Ngilu Hosts Proposed Kitui Municipality Status Meeting

Saturday 16 June,Kitui. By Barrack Muli, Courtesy of the Governor’s Press Unit

Kitui governor Charity Ngilu addresses stakeholders at the consultative forum for Kitui municipality held today at the KEFRI offices.

The journey towards attaining a Municipal Charter of the Municipality of Kitui got a boost today after Governor Charity Ngilu convened a Kitui Community Consultative Forum on the conferment of Municipality Status meeting at KEFRI, Kitui town.

The meeting, that attracted a countywide turn up, consulted on the possibility of restoring boundaries of the Municipality of Kitui as were in former Kitui Municipal Council; and as captured in the Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plan (ISUDP); or as may subsequently be altered as shall be the boundaries of the Municipality of Kitui.

Addressing the meeting after lengthy negotiations, Ngilu listed Kitui Township ward, Kyangwithya East Ward, Kyangwithya West Ward, Matinyani Ward, Nzambani Ward and Mulango Ward as the wards within the impending municipality.

She said that the proposed plan will see the realization of an efficient and accountable management that will embrace a Citizen Participatory approach, check on public resources usage and promote efficiency in service delivery.
The Governor noted that the Municipality plan will promote social cohesiveness and a sense of civic duty and responsibility among the inhabitants and stakeholders in the Municipality in order to facilitate collective action and commitment towards achieving a more stable community.

According to Ngilu, the establishment will aid in providing better services, laws and other matters for Municipality’s benefit to foster the economic, social and environmental well-being of its community.

“The approach seeks to promote integrated wastes management system, provide water and sanitation services and infrastructure, storm drainage, walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure, street lighting, parking bays, recreational parks and green spaces among many,” Said Ngilu.

Present in the meeting were the County Executive Committee Member for Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Eng. Jacob Kakundi who said that there shall be a municipality board that will comprise of nine members, with four members appointed through a competitive process by the County Executive Committee and five nominated by numerous bodies.

He said that the charter remains very key to certify compliance with the law in regards to devolution exercise, attract grant from the World Bank of sh. 50m for two years plus Sh. 232million in five consecutive years to improve service delivery.
The provisions of the Charter shall come to effect upon the resolution of the County Assembly.

Kitui Deputy Speaker Emeritus Musya said reaffirmed the County assembly’s commitment to ensure that bills supporting growth of the people are passed expeditiously. He led a team of MCAs in pledging support of the proposed charter.

Some of the roles of the Board of the Municipality shall be: to exercise executive authority as delegated by the County Executive Committee of the County of Government of Kitui, ensure provision of services to its residents, impose such fees, levies and charges as may be authorized by the County Government for delivery of services by the Municipality, promote constitutional values and principles and ensure the implementation and compliance with policies formulated by both the National and County Government.

World Bank Pumps 140M into Agricultural Value Chain Development in Kitui County For Financial Year 2018/19

Kitui, Wednesday 13 June, By Brian Peter

The World Bank has partnered with the Kitui County Government in a 146.5M project that will steer the convertion of subsistence farming to profitable economic ventures in the county through strengthening producer organizations and value chain development.

The project, dubbed National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP), kicked off fully yesterday with it’s first sub-county leadership, technical staff and stakeholders sensitization workshop held at the ATC Hall Kitui Town. Although the project is a nation-wide endeavor, with similar projects in 21 other counties in Kenya; Kitui is in it’s first phase.

Five sub-counties and 20 wards are targeted to benefit from this project, in which the County government will only contribute 6.5million from it’s coffers. These sub-counties are Kitui Central, Kitui East, Kitui Rural, Mwingi North, and Mwingi Central. The wards targeted are Ngomeni, Kyuso, Mumoni, Tharaka, Nguni, Nuu, Mui, Waita, Kisasi, Mbitini, Kwa-Vonza/Yatta,Kanyangi, Miambani, Kyangwithya, among others.

This project has a three-tier implimentation structure: national to county, then community levels. It aims at achieving community-led development through participation, inclusion, transparency, accountability, value for money, self-help, and poverty targeting.

A competent county project co-ordinating unit (cpcu) comprised of technical staff from different county departments has been set up to oversee NARIGP. Key among the projects being funded are sustainable land management (SLM) projects, rural/value chain related infrastructural projects, landscape-wide investment projects, youth, women, pwds, vulnerable persons and people living with HIV, OVC, the maginalized, poor and landless in the county.

NARGIP will use a three-point approach to achieve it’s project development objectives: a holistic and integrated landscape approach; community-driven development; and market-driven approach. It seeks to address poverty reduction, nutrition, increased production, and emergency crisis response in the community levels.

NARIGP will only work with common interest groups(CIGs) and vulnerable marginalized groups(VMG). Residents are therefore encouraged to form and register community -based groups and write proposals for innovative climate-smart farming projects so as to access the grands that range from Ksh. 50,000 for nutrition projects to Ksh. 500,000 for SLM projects. Community investment projects will recieve grants up to a maximum of Ksh. 200,000,but the groups must contribute 30% of the budget, according to Mr Peter Liru, a CPCU member of NARIGP.

NARIGP is classified as a category B project by the World Bank and is planned to run for five years. According to Bendetta Kasyoka, the official incharge of the project’s financial management, the minimal allocation per ward is $115,000(Ksh. 11.5 million).