Online Users React to Kitui’s CIDP

On Monday evening, many online users stepped up discussions on the upcoming Kitui County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) which is yet to be approved by the County Assembly. This comes weeks after the Treasury Ministry under Ms Mary Nguli handed over the document to the MCAs for deliberations and approval.
In one of the reputed Online Platforms dubbed ‘The Kitui Professionals”, members of the public held a heated discussion around the CIDP. The following are some of the excerpts:
“I have seen there are a lot of water projects poised to be done in my ward Voo/Kyamatu. The CEC for water Mr Kisangau has done me proud. He is our son’, poses an online user ‘Ndoo Wa Malombe.
“Some of the tea takers and Sasini barons in this group are jokers. I know for sure Kyaloo, Mukelenzu and Sino will not read the CIDP. But they will be the loudest when discussions around it take shape. Anyway, I fully feel this document was well prepared and captures the wishes of our people. County government should listen more to the people on the ground and not the power brokers hovering around the corridors of the County Government offices in Kitui”, poses Kyale DC.
“My ward Mutha is well captured. However, we will adding more project proposals continually from time to time. But of keen interest to me is the emphasis put by the Ministry of health. If we get our health priorities right, then our county will develop”, poses Yoana Kimwele, Lead Admin.
“This document is very alive. It is not cast on stone. We will continue to amend it as more ideas from the public come our way”, adds Ms Nguli, the treasury CECM.
“The tragedy of many professionals in Kitui is that they don’t honor meetings summoned by Ward and Village admins. As such, more elites may feel a little disenfranchised by the contents of the CIDP. We need to honor public participation meetings if at all we want our ideas to be reflected in the aggregate development score of the County Government”, poses Aggrey Nzomo, NYC.
“It is tedious to read all this documents that keep coming up. I will wait and see what the county government will have done in 2022”, says a rather disenchanted “Nzangi”.
“I will comment after I have read the entire document. Somebody send me the part with Kisasi Ward only I am not interested in the entire document,” says Kyalo wa Kisasi.

Machakos Governor Launches 1 Week of CASA games in Machakos County


Yestderday, Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua opened officially the 5th edition of the KICOSCA/CASA, 2017 games at the Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos County. The event was graced by more than 23 governors. These CASA games bring together many teams across the country

The governor thanked the KICOSCA/CASA Committee for choosing Machakos County as the venue for this year’s games and wished all participants the best in the week long competitions.

Together with his fellow Governors who were present during the Opening ceremony, they called for peace and tolerance following the ruling of the Supreme Court to uphold H.E Uhuru Kenyatta’s win.

The governors pledged to initiate dialogue amongst themselves in order to unite Kenyans and move Kenya forward. They committed to work together to fight tribal politics because no Kenyan should die because of politics.

“Kenya remains our home, and we must make a conscious decision to build it and not destroy it”, said the Machakos Governor.

2017 KCPE Results to be Released Tomorrow by Education CS Matiangi


The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has announced that Kenya Certificate of National Examination results will be announced on Tuesday (tomorrow).

The fast release of the results was due to the automated Optical Mark Recognition machines that fast-tracked the process.

KCPE candidates will tomorrow know how they performed in the 2017 KCPE examination. KNEC Chairman George Magoha had earlier said that the council had purchased 20 machines at a cost of Sh100 million to enhance marking of scripts.

“Through the aid of the Government, the council has purchased 20 machines which are going to ease the work of marking with great efficiency and we anticipate that the compilation of results will be concluded earlier than any other time before,” Magoha said.

Candidates will be able to access their results through SMS and online platforms by sending their index number to 22252 or visiting the KNEC website at and enter their index number respectively.#copied

Transport Paralyzed by Bad Roads as Rains Beat Hard in Kitui County


Residents of Kitui County are disgrunted over the poor state of the road network.
Most of the main roads and key access road are barely passable, with deep gullies and mud piles featuring in almost every stretch. With the heavy rains beating the region, things have even got worse.

Last week, hundreds of university students from seku missed their classes after their school bus got stuck in the mud enroute to school. Most of these students reside in Kwa Vonza town and its environs and there’s only one access road to the university, which is in a pathetic condition.

The residents of Majengo, ithookwe and Manyenyoni, are also a disgrunted lot. The main road to these areas, which border Kitui Township, is a nightmare. Interestingly, this road also leads to the Governor’s home, the Kitui Showgrounds, the only airstrip in the county and one of the most famous schools in the region.

Also during the KCPE period, a school bus overturned on this very road.
Investigations established that the Kitui Showgrounds road construction tender was awarded to a company named Maangi Construction Limited, which has left deep trenches and murram piles lining both sides of the road.

The Association of SEKU students,led by their president Kandie Ronald,in an interview exclusive to Kitui Newspaper, has given the County Government up to Wednesday to address this issue.