Congratulations Message to H. E. Ngilu

I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate her Excellency the governor of kitui H. E. Charity Ngilu for her good and healthy address that she gave in the Kitui County Assembly . This address was very rich for the Musangis and it is really meant for Kitui people. Truly Canaan is real for Kitui citizens and this can be proved by KICOTEC, KCHIC, Ndegu Revolution, stone cruchers, sufficient water for Kitui people and the list is endless. Thank you mama Ngilu for your tireless efforts to make Kitui mbee nzei. Mama you are really send by God to deliver His people from Misri to Canaan and you have made it. Excellent and don’t bother to those who never appreciates the good work that you have done to Kitui people instead get more inspired to do good for the God is with you.

AMEN. Kitui mbee nzei. Kavaa mama.

Hon. Wangunze,

Chuluni Ward

Member of Kitui County Assembly.

MP Champions for Easier and Convenient Funds Transfer for the Elderly

Wednesday, November 14, Kitui.

By Brian Peter

Kitui West MP hon. Edith Nyenze is in the forefront pushing the government to easen the process of funds reimbursement to senior citizens, so that the grants can achieve it’s aim of improving the living standards of the elderly in Kenya.

Speaking to the Kitui Newspaper reporter outside the Parliament, hon. Nyenze expressed concern that the process currently in use has made an otherwise great state project achieve very little, as most of the payments is spend on weary transport to and from the banks tasked with the disbursement.

“Most of these wazees make several trips to the banks before they can access their money,” said the MP. “Something that bears a heavy toll on their advanced aged bodies and also depletes almost entirely the amount they are given since most of them borrow the fares from neighbors and friends.”

“This money is currently not helping our elderly, despite being a great initiative, ” she added forlornly.

A case Kitui County, the first lot of registered beneficiaries to this fund have to make tiresome journeys to Kitui and Mwingi towns, the only towns where the host banks have branches, to collect their allocations. In some cases, these senior citizens make over two trips to the banks before they can get the money. Given the distances, some of them end up spending more than the Ksh. 4,000 the government gives them every two months on these trips.

Hon. Nyenze disclosed that she is in the process of tabling a bill that seeks to have the Ministry of Culture delocalize the reimbursements of this first lot of registered senior citizens from the host banks’ branches to the local bank agents nearer to the people.

“This will make it easier and cheaper for the elderly beneficiaries to recieve their money, ” she added.

Closer to home, Hon. Nyenze revealed that she has made local arrangements with the ministry to have the elderly beneficiaries in Kitui West constituency collect their next allocations from the Chief’s office in Kabati town.

“There’s need for an apt and parmanent solution to this problem, ” said the MP, “And as we wait for the passing of this bill and the subsequent delocalization to the local agents, I have negotiated for a provisional solution for my people.”

She explained her choice of Kabati town as the most central and easily accessible point in Kitui West Constituency.

The senior citizens grant program, locally dubbed Malipo ya Uzeeni, is a government initiative that covers elderly citizens who are over 70 years old, are extremely poor and vulnerable, and recieve no pension. Its main objective is ensuring that the senior citizens in Kenya live a decent life.

Youth Council (NYC) Makes Contributions to the Building the Bridges Initiative Committee

A section of the youth leaders who attended the Building the Bridges Initiative at Multipurpose

National Youth Council Kitui County Chairman Aggrey Nzomo joins traditional dancers in a gig at a past event. [File Photo| © Kitui Newspaper 2018]

The National Youth Council Kitui Chapter leaders have today made serious contribution during the first public participation on the “Building the Bridges Initiative”. This meeting was officially graced by Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Ngilu and took place in Kitui Multipurpose Hall.

” We want the commission to take note that the committee in front of us doesn’t have a youth representative in the first place. The Youth Tribe remains one of the most marginalized in Kenya”, Frank Kilonzo, the NYC Rep for Kitui Rural told the commission.

“We further ask for the creation of employment for the rural youths to ensure they are busy and are not used to create chaos during election period. Our Kitui Governor has done this through industries like the KICOTEC and the National Govt should also chip in and help the youth,” Frank added.

“For us to have peaceful elections and harmony, we must make political positions less lucrative. Many people are leaving their professions to join politics and make money. This makes winning elections a MUST hence increasing tentions, voter rigging and violence,” Aggrey Nzomo, the NYC County chair noted.

“We have given serious responsibilities to political office bearers. Our health, education and public service employment boards should be removed from the political class. Politicians should only be allowed to major on policy issues as technocrats handle serious business of the nation. This is what developed nations do,” added Aggrey.

“Devolution has empowered our people. Kitui County has just started enjoying the fruits of development only when devolution came in place. I have a concise 5-agenda manifesto that I am implementing here in Kitui. However, the funding from the Central Government should be increased. Our priorities are overwhelming the current low funding we are receiving from the treasury. This committee should propose additional funding to counties,” The Kitui Governor Chairity Ngilu said during her response to the forum.

The forum had brought together all stakeholders across the county in an initiative to chart the way forward to attaining sustainable economic growth and leadership based on transparency and accountability.

Former VP Kalonzo’s father, Musyoka Mairu to be laid to rest

Friday November 9, Kitui.

By Steve Mumbu

The father to Wiper leader and former VP Kalonzo Musyoka, the late Mzee Peter Musyoka Mairu will be laid to rest today, in a ceremony to be held at his rural home in Kalimani Kyuso today.

The funeral service is being held at Tseikuru Stadium in Mwingi North Constituency before laying the late Musyoka’s remains to rest at his rural home. Several dignitaries and thousands of mourners from Kalonzo’s Ukambani political home turf and beyond will attend the burial ceremony.
The casket containing mzee Mairu’s remains was flown today morning from Wilson Airport for the burial service at Tseikuru Stadium in Mwingi North Constituency.

The chopper carrying the remains of freedom fighter and educationist, late Mzee Peter Musyoka Mairu casket touched down at Tseikuru Stadium around 10:00hrs.

President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto, NASA luminary Raila Odinga, Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu and Kitui County MPs among others are expected to lead multitudes of Kenyans in Mzee Mairu’s send off.

The final resting place for Mzee Mairu: a photo of the graveyard where the former VP Kalonzo Musyoka’s father will be buried today.

Kitui Climate Change Fund Board Inception Meeting Kicks Off Operations

Thursday November 8, Kitui.

By Brian Peter

Yesterday the Minister for Environment Hon John Makau kickstarted the inception of the Kitui County Climate Fund at KEFRI grounds.

The high powered Steering Committee will be charged with managing matters climate in the County. Key among them is accessing proposals from residents on projects that mitigate harsh climatic conditions including addressing water shortshages.

The meeting was attended by key NGOs in the climate space, stakeholders from related agencies, the ADA Consortium and senior County Govt Officials.

The Governor is expected to commission this task force in the next few days.

The Queen and Pawns: One Powerful Family Greedy Domination of Kitui Public Resources


This is a continuation of The Queen and Pawns serialization. Follow the link below to read Part One of this explossive feature on how one powerful Family in Kitui County is taking it all from the public:

The Queen and Pawns Part One

The chess game is still on in Kitui County, as the public is turned into pawns to protect the selfish greedy interests of the Mwendwas’, a family that boasts the first Kenyan Chief Justice, a long-serving MP wife and a former Kitui women representative. In part two of this serialization, Kitui Newspaper sleuths have gone deep undercover to unearth some of the most controversial scandals that the family has orchestrated at the expense of the common mwananchi.

The KEFRI road Blockade

Dead end: a section of the KEFRI road comes to an immediate halt at the blockade erected by the Mwendwas’ family. The blocked road section is currently under private development, despite public outcry.

In November 2017, residents of Kitui Central woke to an abnormal shocker: a section of the tarmacked road connecting Kitui GK Prisons, via KEFRI estate to the Bishop’s residence at Kwa-Ngindu shopping center had been blocked and a foundation dug across ready for private development!

The public outcry compelled the county government to act swiftly and identify the private developer who was grabbing the road, and viola; the Mwendwas name came up one more time! Apparently, the family was claiming that a parcel of their land lay squarely across the road, which has existed since colonial era. Bowing to public pressure and owing to the family’s adamant insistence that that road section was theirs, the county government moved to court to seek legal redress of the matter.

According to court orders issued on 17th November 2017, excavation, erecting of buildings, construction of structures or trespassing on or any manner of activities on the parcel of land registered ad L. R. no. 4096/232 in Kitui Township were restrained.

How a section of tarmacked public road dating back to the pre-colonial era came to be termed as a registered parcel of land, complete with a plot number, still remains a mystery to date, with insider sources in the land registry confiding that the Mwendwas obtained the title deed for the road section in the 90s, most probably through crooked methods of corrupt officials. However, one fact is evident; construction is currently ongoing on the blocked road section, and either the County government lost interest on the matter, or lost the merits for winning the court case.

Coming up in Part III of the feature The Queen and Pawns: How the Mwendwas’ Family masterminded the dumping of toxic asbestos waste in Kitui County, and the aftermath games in play as the Kitui County Government is stuck with a consignment of dangerous bio-hazards without a clue where to dispose them.

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