Kitui KNUT Members Threaten to Oust Sec. General for Impunity and Poor Leadership

Thursday, Septermber 20, Kitui. By Our Reporter

Kitui Kenya Union of Teachers members demonstrate on the streets of Kitui Town in a past event. [File photo| courtesy online sources]

Kenya Union of Teachers Kitui branch members are demanding a fresh election for officials to be conducted.

The teachers have expressed deep regrets for what they termed as the biggest mistake they ever did: electing Simon Nding’o as their secretary general, claiming that even retired teachers have never got their dues since 2017.

In an exclusive interview with the Kitui Newspaper ,several teachers have expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of Mr. Ndingo terming him as arrogant and irresponsible.

“Right now our union bus does not an official driver,the reason being that he was informally dismissed for no apparent reasons,” Claimed the teachers.

They said that they have afeeling that they are risking being driven to events by strangers while the union has a permanently employed driver, to the best of their knowledge.

When Kitui Newspaper conducted the driver, Mr. Mwangangi Kithae, he confirmed that he has been on job suspension since 2017 and that no formal communication has been done so far. Mr. Kithae disclosed that he is living a miserable life, adding that his secondary school-going child has been at home due to lack of school fees for months.

Investigations have revealed that before Mr. Kithae was suspended, he had been delegated the duty of washing toilets in a bid to intimidate him into leaving his job, and lacking any alternative means of income, had quietly continued carrying out the new duty, a move which did not please Mr. Ndingo much.

Inside sources have revealed that the KNUT boss suspected the driver was disclosing how the office was being mishandled and that could be the reason as to why his job was affected, probably to cover the mess being done in the KNUT office.

Now Mr. Kithae wants top officials in the union to intervene and help him get his salary for three months and reinstate his job.

Another retired teacher claimed that when the union bus is hired out, they don’t get the money, neither is it accounted for.

“This man has never been in office and we are heading in a mess,” lamented one teacher, asserting that the Secretary General does not attend any teachers’ forums.

“This man is using our money to do his own business and we are thinking of the rightful measures to take,” lamented another.

Efforts to get a comment from the secretary general went futile as he was not answering calls and through a text message promised to call which never did.

Five MCAs Thrown Out of Kitui County Assembly for Poor Dress Code

Thursday, September 20, Kitui. By Correspondent

Things went on as usual yesterday when speaker George Ndoto opened the house officially to debate on various motions in the morning session. He the left the mantle to the MCA Mutha Ward Hon. Antony John who is a member of the speaker’s panel.

Things however got sour when Hon Mwikya Kilonzo alias Tangawizi MCA Athi Ward sought a point of order over dress code, which was stressed by his counter part Hon Munuve from Kanziku Ward prompting the speaker Hon Antony John of Mutha Ward to make a ruling on the same.
In his Ruling as the speaker Hon. Antony borrowed from practices and traditions of all member states of Common Wealth legislation houses and the National Assembly that the prescribed code should be a male suit for men and official shoes. Female members should be official skirts or dresses and official trousers if need be.

The ruling came to effect in the after noon session and members who were poorly dressed were ordered to move out of the house and the house was brought to order. These were:

  1. Hon Regina, nominated MCA under NARC kwa Vonza Ward.
  2. Hon Mutemi Nding’uri of Ngoleni Ward
  3. Hon Nguli alias Kalumaita of Migwani Ward
  4. Hon Ndoo of Township Ward
  5. Hon Kivali of Voo Ward

Later, two members returned after observing the proper dress code these were:
Hon Nguli alias Kalumaita and Hon. Mutemi Nding’uri.

Hon. Edith Nyenze Graces Kololo AIC church Opening

Monday September 17, Kitui. By Victor Kyalo

Hundreds of Mutonguni DCC faithful yesterday thronged AIC Kololo for a joint service.

In a well attended joint service bringing together 10 churches for the official opening,Hon Edith V. Nyenze was among the faithfuls of AIC Kololo and 9 other churches that make Mutonguni DCC.
The service was precedent by the official opening of AIC Kololo.

Bishop Ndeme Munywoki who is the Mutonguni Regional chair presided over the official opening during a well attended service.

Rev Wesley M. Mwendwa gave the sermon.

Rev. Wesley Mwendwa and Bishop Ndeme of Mutonguni DCC minister to the congregation during the service after the official opening of the Kololo AIC Church. The Kitui West MP Hon. Edith Nyenze, an active church member of AIC Mutonguni DCC also attended the function

During her address to the cogregants, Hon Edith Nyenze looked back to her footsteps 6 months after she was elected as the Mp for Kitui West and said the best was yet come.
She reiterated her commitment to the service delivery that she was sworn to and said the Kyangulu water project was on course.

Kitui South Mp Awards Local MCA Tender, Amid Claims of Threats to Youth Leaders

Saturday, September 15, Kitui. By The Kitui Newspaper Team

A section of Kitui South youth leaders are wary of threats they have allegedly been recieving from the local MP after questioning her underperformance and impunity.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Kitui Newspaper, the youth leaders have made it clear that they won’t be cowed by the MP’s threats into relenting on their oversight roles to the community. Led by Cyprian Singi, the Kitui County Youth Movement Chairman Kitui South; Dennis Mbotela, the Kitui County National Representative for Tujijenge Youth Society; Mwamto Fadhili, a vocal KCYM member from Uthumula; and Cyrus Musyoka, a popular youth activist fondly known as Sonko; the youth leaders have raised several issues against the MP, Hon. Rachael Kaki; ranging from Rural Electrification Projects, CDF bursaries management,to awarding of tenders to civil servants.

“The MP has been awarding her croonies and their families CDF bursaries at the expense of the poor deserving students,” disclosed Cyprian Singi. “I challenge the Kitui South CDF committee to come clear on the names of the CDF beneficiaries for the past six years.”

The youth leaders have also expressed concern that over 80% of the rural homes in Kitui South have no electricity, despite the REA projects in the area having been launched in the past.

“The villages of: Ngangani, Kemwaa, Mwala Ivu, Koma, Kathumula, Nguuni, Wi Ndundu, Yongela and Enzou; just to name a few, have no electricity,” exclaimed Cyrus Musyoka, “All these villages, and many other more have schools which have been sidelined from the REA projects happening in other constituencies!”

“Sadly, in Koma area; both St Peter’s Koma Primary and Secondary Schools have no electricity, ” he added

Investigations by the Kitui Newspaper team have unearthed curious anomalies and irregularities in the awarding of the Kitui South NG-CDF tenders. Amid accusations by the youth leaders that sub-chiefs and chiefs were being awarded tenders by the MP as rewards for loyalty, our investigations have revealed that indeed the Nzalani Primary School classrooms construction in Ikanga-Kyatune Ward was done by a local sub-chief loyal to the MP.

Another tender, a drift along the Nzeeu River in Kyatune Area has been awarded to the MP’s friend and loyal supporter, Hon. Antony Mbiti, the Ikanga Ward MCA.

“Our youths have been and continue to get threatened for demanding transparency and accountability from our leaders, ” said the youth spokesman Isaac Wambua populary known as Ing’oi. “We’re ready to fight for good leadership and won’t stand any physical or psychological intimidation. ”

Mr. Isaac Wambua of Kanziku claims that there have been wierd people asking after him in his house a few weeks ago, purpoting to be law enforcement officers send to investigate him by the local MP. “Luckily for me, I was out of town when they called at my door, and my little sister refused to tell them of my whereabouts.”

My View on K-CHIC: Cyrus Musyoka “Sonko”

K-chick is a timely idea and pro-musangi. The ultimate aim is to achieve the Universal Health Care goal and ensure access to affordable, equitable and quality health care to kitui residents.

It reduces the incidence of impoverishment due to catastrophic health care expenditure. To wrap up ,it guarantees some sense of financial protection to musangi.The Kitui County Government ,ought to generate multi stakeholder support while employing a broader technical discussion on key design issues. If the County Government doesn’t tackle the regulatory,legal and institutional framework,then is stands to FLOP. Let the governor develop and strengthen the institutions which perform functions of stewardship,oversight and governance, and consult widely while increasing the level of funding for health. It’s NEVER too late.

Cyrus Musyoka At a Glance:

A youthful leader who wants a paradigm shift on how governance and leadership affairs are ran in Kitui South and this republic. I’m driven by humanity and youth & women empowerment. We want a completely empowered people in kitui South. I want to see the dignity of human life prioritized. Our people were NEVER meant for abject poverty or hopelessness. Policy priorities should reflect the needs of our most vulnerable AND not on the wants of our most privileged. A spirited fight for equal rights,compassion and humanity. I believe in service to humanity.

Kitui South Youth Leader Challenges Local MP on Stalled Rural Electrification Project

Saturday September 8, Kanziku. By Brian Peter

The Kitui South Kitui County Youth Movement Chairman, Mr. Kyalo Kimuli has questioned the local MP’s role to the constituency community development; following her continued silence on the stalled Kanziku Ward Electrification Project.

The project, which started in 2014 and has stalled since then, has been the point of focus for local and community media for years; and Mr. Kimuli is questioning why the MP had chosen to ignore this vital Infrustructural development project.

Electricity poles slant at steep angles and wires sag dangerously along the Kwa Embae-Mwangala-Mwanianga-Mangetheni road, the Muthue-Kanziku road, the and the Simisi-Kakindu road; all in the Kanziku Ward of Kitui South Constituency.

“Why has our MP Hon. Rachael Kaki ignored this project which has stalled since 2014?” challenged Youth leader Kimuli.

“During her elections campaign she promised to empower the youth, why has Hon. Kaki turned her back on such vital infrastructure; which comes with innumerable job opportunities for the youth, like wielding, kinyozi, salon, electronics, technology and innovations?” he added.

In an exclusive interview with Kitui Newspaper, Mr. Kimuli shared his frustrations in his quest to revive the project.

“The Kenya Power offices in Kitui Town told us that they are not responsible for the project, as the line emanates from Kibwezi,” said the Kitui South KCYM Chairman. “They County Government of Kitui also absolved themselves of any liability, stating that they did their part. It is the poor role-playing of our local MP that has failed us,” He added.

Mr. Kimuli has urged all other local leaders to team up and intervene on the situation to ensure that the project is back on its feet again.

Mwingi Police Hunt 4 Over Central MP Damages

Friday September 7, Mwingi. By KN Correspondent

A Senior Magistrate’s Court in Mwingi has issued a warrant of arrest for three suspected men from Musukini village for an alleged malicious damages case — in which the area MP convoy was stoned two months ago.

This was after the three: Paul Kitunguu, Kyalo Maithya and George Munyambu- who are charged alongside others, failed to appear in court yesterday to answer to charges of malicious damages to Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi official vehicles.

Below are copies of their warrants….