MCAs Accuse LIUD Executive of Embezzlement of Funds

Members of the Kitui County Assembly have accused the Lands, infrastructure and urban development exucitve of embezzling allocated funds without working for their electorates in the rural areas.

During the last Thursday session which was taken through by a temporary speaker Hon. David Thuvi, the MCA Kithumula/ Kwa-Mutonga ward and a member of the LIUD committee, members raised concerns that most of the roads in their wards were in poor conditions despite the house having allocated a huge budget for the projects. The MCAs decried difficulties in transportation saying it was even making it impossible for their electorates to access hospitals and health centers in good time.

“Despite the fact that we put huge amount of money in that department, every time we have gone to ask for a bull dozer we’re told that there was no fuel!” Hon. Mary Ndumbu, who sits in the budget committee complained to the house. The MCA had risen on a point of information that the ministry had failed to fuel the few dozers available.

Philip Nguli, the Migwani Ward MCA expressed concerns that the county has only one bulldozer which circulates between Miambani and Kwa Vonza wards alone. He called upon the county Ministry of Lands should hire three more dozers to be shared by all 8 sub counties.

Hon Ngui Kirutu stood on a point of order that the executive should involve the elected members of assembly fully in identifying projects in their respective wards. He expressed concerns that in the past, people of unknown portfolio with unknown roles have had a steak in identification of projects in the wards.

The MCA Nzambani Ward Ruth Kyene said that she doesn’t care who is involved in embezzling of public funds but the law should take it’s course and the corrupt individuals brought to book.

The CECM LIUD Engineer Kakundi was also present during the session, though the acting speaker rulled on standing orders that the minister should remain seated in the public gallery, as the house committee had not summoned him for the session.

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