Hon. Ndile Calls on Kitui County Leaders to Work Only for ‘Musangis’

Hon Esther Ndile has challenged all Kitui county leaders to listen to the people and prioritize and provide services to the people.

Speaking yesterday at the official opening of the new Kitui County Assembly chambers, Hon. Esther Ndile, who is the County assemblies Forum vice-chair and the Jubilee nominated member of the Kitui County Assembly, called upon all Kitui County MCAs to exercise their oversight roles wisely warning them in criticizing the motions that benefit the vulnerable local Kitui residents.

“As we all take time to listen and admire the work done by this Assembly, I wish to challenge all of us as leaders who have been tasked with the responsibility of listening to our people and prioritizing and providing services to the people,” said Hon. Ndile in her speech at the Kitui County Assembly grounds. “Let this chamber, just like we do have the National Assembly and Senate, be a place of honor. That in our execution of our duties as members, and here am talking about all of us, let us have the spirit of service build in us. That as we deliberate each day we are in this assembly, that Wisdom may always prevail in discerning what we as Honorable Members desire to do that will make a difference in society,” she added.

She pleaded with fellow honorable members to let the current institutions, as provided in the constitution of Kenya 2010, remain solid institutions that continuously provide guidance and remain sober even in difficult and challenging moments.

“It should not matter what ideologies we subscribe to, but what services we offer that make a difference in society, she addressed, “Let us open up channels for dialogue to ensure that Public Participation guides our development plans and priorities in order to address the needs of the people.”

Hon. Ndile added that women should be involved in matters touching developments of counties to balance the gender equality. She said that the money allocated to empower women in 47 counties will be increased as a way of promoting them in political,social and economic issues

The event was graced by H.E. Keneth Lusaka; the Speaker National Assembly; the Kitui Governor Hon. Charity Ngilu; Hon. Enoch Kiio the Senator Kitui; Hon. Johnson Osoi, Chairman CAF; various Members of the Parliament; All Honorable Speakers Present, Members of County Assemblies from Kitui County and nation-wide; various Kitui County development partners, stakeholders and citizens of Kitui County.

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