Call for Intervention, As Talented Youths Result to Brick-making and Manual Jobs to Fund the ongoing FKF Kitui County League.

Wednesday, September 26, Kitui. By Brian Peter

Teams warming up ready for a game during the ongoing FKF Kitui County League. Youths have resulted to Brick-making and such manual jobs to finance the league and logistics as the league management requires each team to pay the referee ksh. 2,000 per game.

Kitui County youths are calling on the government and well-wishers to intervene and sponsor them in the ongoing FKF Kitui County Football League.

Most of these talented youths can barely eke a living, with most of them unemployed and residing in their rural homes with no definite sources of income. Most of the team members playing in the league have resulted to desperate alternatives of making money to fund the league and cover logistics expenses; ranging from brick-making, sand harvesting, construction casuals and such manual jobs.

Wii FC team members engaging in brick making to raise money for the FKF Kitui County Football League. The team will be playing against Torenion FC on Saturday 30th September at the Wii Primary grounds

After a successful conclusion of the league,some of the well performing teams will proceed to a higher rank which is Division 2. This covers the Eastern Region from Isiolo, Kitui,Machacos to Makueni counties.”Our biggest worry remains: will the youths be able to pay for the referee fee in the division 2, which in the past has never been less than Ksh. 5,000 and pay the security fees as well?” wondered Robinson Sammy, the organizing Secretary Utoo FC, one of the teams on top of the league. “Again, how will the teams cater for accommodation and transport to all these places with brick making which is seasonal?” he added.

In the current league Division 1, each team has been required to pay a referee fee of Ksh. 2,000 for each match they play, which totals to Ksh. 4,000. Travelling expenses for the away matches, meals and refreshments, and the emergency kitty brings the total to around Ksh. 10,000. Most of these teams have a game almost every weekend.

“It’s getting harder for us with every single day, “disclosed Robinson in an interview with Kitui Newspaper. “The youth have shown lots of determination and dedication towards nurturing our talents, what I can’t understand is why the County government and our elected leaders have continued to ignore us all this time! “he lamented.

None of the teams are aware whether there exists any budget for the league either from the County or National Government. Efforts to reach the league organisers have been futile, as the provided telephone number was still going unanswered by the time of going to press.

At a glance, the FKF Kitui County Football League:-

Utoo FC of Kitui West in action during a past game.

The Kitui FKF County Football League kicked off on 27/05/2018 with a total of 10 teams from the Kitui sub-branch and 11 teams in the mwingi sub-branch which makes a total of 21 teams from Kitui county. The league is intended to come to an end on the 18/11/2018. The teams from Kitui sub branch are
Dynamo FC from Kitui Central
Majengo Heros Kitui Central
Utoo FC Kitui West
Ikanga FC Kitui South
Kwa-Vonza United from Kitui Rural
Kathivo FV from Kitui West
Torenian Kitui West
Kyanika FC Kitui East
Mutune FC from Kitui Central
And Wii FC from Kitui Central.
The various clubs pay a referee fee of 2000 per match every weekend and need organised security for referees. Players also cater for their own transport expenses and meals for all away matches.

League fixtures and table of points for the FKF Kitui County League Division1 Pool A

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