Five MCAs Thrown Out of Kitui County Assembly for Poor Dress Code

Thursday, September 20, Kitui. By Correspondent

Things went on as usual yesterday when speaker George Ndoto opened the house officially to debate on various motions in the morning session. He the left the mantle to the MCA Mutha Ward Hon. Antony John who is a member of the speaker’s panel.

Things however got sour when Hon Mwikya Kilonzo alias Tangawizi MCA Athi Ward sought a point of order over dress code, which was stressed by his counter part Hon Munuve from Kanziku Ward prompting the speaker Hon Antony John of Mutha Ward to make a ruling on the same.
In his Ruling as the speaker Hon. Antony borrowed from practices and traditions of all member states of Common Wealth legislation houses and the National Assembly that the prescribed code should be a male suit for men and official shoes. Female members should be official skirts or dresses and official trousers if need be.

The ruling came to effect in the after noon session and members who were poorly dressed were ordered to move out of the house and the house was brought to order. These were:

  1. Hon Regina, nominated MCA under NARC kwa Vonza Ward.
  2. Hon Mutemi Nding’uri of Ngoleni Ward
  3. Hon Nguli alias Kalumaita of Migwani Ward
  4. Hon Ndoo of Township Ward
  5. Hon Kivali of Voo Ward

Later, two members returned after observing the proper dress code these were:
Hon Nguli alias Kalumaita and Hon. Mutemi Nding’uri.

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