Kitui South Mp Awards Local MCA Tender, Amid Claims of Threats to Youth Leaders

Saturday, September 15, Kitui. By The Kitui Newspaper Team

A section of Kitui South youth leaders are wary of threats they have allegedly been recieving from the local MP after questioning her underperformance and impunity.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Kitui Newspaper, the youth leaders have made it clear that they won’t be cowed by the MP’s threats into relenting on their oversight roles to the community. Led by Cyprian Singi, the Kitui County Youth Movement Chairman Kitui South; Dennis Mbotela, the Kitui County National Representative for Tujijenge Youth Society; Mwamto Fadhili, a vocal KCYM member from Uthumula; and Cyrus Musyoka, a popular youth activist fondly known as Sonko; the youth leaders have raised several issues against the MP, Hon. Rachael Kaki; ranging from Rural Electrification Projects, CDF bursaries management,to awarding of tenders to civil servants.

“The MP has been awarding her croonies and their families CDF bursaries at the expense of the poor deserving students,” disclosed Cyprian Singi. “I challenge the Kitui South CDF committee to come clear on the names of the CDF beneficiaries for the past six years.”

The youth leaders have also expressed concern that over 80% of the rural homes in Kitui South have no electricity, despite the REA projects in the area having been launched in the past.

“The villages of: Ngangani, Kemwaa, Mwala Ivu, Koma, Kathumula, Nguuni, Wi Ndundu, Yongela and Enzou; just to name a few, have no electricity,” exclaimed Cyrus Musyoka, “All these villages, and many other more have schools which have been sidelined from the REA projects happening in other constituencies!”

“Sadly, in Koma area; both St Peter’s Koma Primary and Secondary Schools have no electricity, ” he added

Investigations by the Kitui Newspaper team have unearthed curious anomalies and irregularities in the awarding of the Kitui South NG-CDF tenders. Amid accusations by the youth leaders that sub-chiefs and chiefs were being awarded tenders by the MP as rewards for loyalty, our investigations have revealed that indeed the Nzalani Primary School classrooms construction in Ikanga-Kyatune Ward was done by a local sub-chief loyal to the MP.

Another tender, a drift along the Nzeeu River in Kyatune Area has been awarded to the MP’s friend and loyal supporter, Hon. Antony Mbiti, the Ikanga Ward MCA.

“Our youths have been and continue to get threatened for demanding transparency and accountability from our leaders, ” said the youth spokesman Isaac Wambua populary known as Ing’oi. “We’re ready to fight for good leadership and won’t stand any physical or psychological intimidation. ”

Mr. Isaac Wambua of Kanziku claims that there have been wierd people asking after him in his house a few weeks ago, purpoting to be law enforcement officers send to investigate him by the local MP. “Luckily for me, I was out of town when they called at my door, and my little sister refused to tell them of my whereabouts.”

2 thoughts on “Kitui South Mp Awards Local MCA Tender, Amid Claims of Threats to Youth Leaders

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  2. Impunity must be condemned despite the threats …I belief we have a voice in this since its our local area and we should shield it. To sum it all threats are issued by wrong doing cowards! Youth empowerment


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