My View on K-CHIC: Cyrus Musyoka “Sonko”

K-chick is a timely idea and pro-musangi. The ultimate aim is to achieve the Universal Health Care goal and ensure access to affordable, equitable and quality health care to kitui residents.

It reduces the incidence of impoverishment due to catastrophic health care expenditure. To wrap up ,it guarantees some sense of financial protection to musangi.The Kitui County Government ,ought to generate multi stakeholder support while employing a broader technical discussion on key design issues. If the County Government doesn’t tackle the regulatory,legal and institutional framework,then is stands to FLOP. Let the governor develop and strengthen the institutions which perform functions of stewardship,oversight and governance, and consult widely while increasing the level of funding for health. It’s NEVER too late.

Cyrus Musyoka At a Glance:

A youthful leader who wants a paradigm shift on how governance and leadership affairs are ran in Kitui South and this republic. I’m driven by humanity and youth & women empowerment. We want a completely empowered people in kitui South. I want to see the dignity of human life prioritized. Our people were NEVER meant for abject poverty or hopelessness. Policy priorities should reflect the needs of our most vulnerable AND not on the wants of our most privileged. A spirited fight for equal rights,compassion and humanity. I believe in service to humanity.

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