Kitui South Youth Leader Challenges Local MP on Stalled Rural Electrification Project

Saturday September 8, Kanziku. By Brian Peter

The Kitui South Kitui County Youth Movement Chairman, Mr. Kyalo Kimuli has questioned the local MP’s role to the constituency community development; following her continued silence on the stalled Kanziku Ward Electrification Project.

The project, which started in 2014 and has stalled since then, has been the point of focus for local and community media for years; and Mr. Kimuli is questioning why the MP had chosen to ignore this vital Infrustructural development project.

Electricity poles slant at steep angles and wires sag dangerously along the Kwa Embae-Mwangala-Mwanianga-Mangetheni road, the Muthue-Kanziku road, the and the Simisi-Kakindu road; all in the Kanziku Ward of Kitui South Constituency.

“Why has our MP Hon. Rachael Kaki ignored this project which has stalled since 2014?” challenged Youth leader Kimuli.

“During her elections campaign she promised to empower the youth, why has Hon. Kaki turned her back on such vital infrastructure; which comes with innumerable job opportunities for the youth, like wielding, kinyozi, salon, electronics, technology and innovations?” he added.

In an exclusive interview with Kitui Newspaper, Mr. Kimuli shared his frustrations in his quest to revive the project.

“The Kenya Power offices in Kitui Town told us that they are not responsible for the project, as the line emanates from Kibwezi,” said the Kitui South KCYM Chairman. “They County Government of Kitui also absolved themselves of any liability, stating that they did their part. It is the poor role-playing of our local MP that has failed us,” He added.

Mr. Kimuli has urged all other local leaders to team up and intervene on the situation to ensure that the project is back on its feet again.

One thought on “Kitui South Youth Leader Challenges Local MP on Stalled Rural Electrification Project

  1. This is a concern that has been long overdue. Coz since 2014 hata kama tulikosea nani… anybody and everybody can very clearly read politics in this so its upon our local MP Hon. Dr Rachael Kaki Nyamai to intervene and clear the by telling the electorates what’s not adding up. And mark you we also want to hear your views on why some centres like Ekani market, Ekani dispensary, Ekani Primary School and Ekani Chief’s Office and the upcoming AP lines despite being less than a kilometre from the erected poles


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