Kitui County Launches Nutritional-Sensitive Approach to Agriculture

Thursday August 30, Kitui. By Brian Peter

The County Minister for Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development today launched the Private Embedded Extension Systems Strategy for Horticulture and Dairy Value Chains project at the ATC Kitui campus.

The project, which is sponsored by USAID, Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems Activity(KCDMS), RTI international and The County Government of Kitui, seeks to bring together various stakeholders in the agricultural industry into improving quality production through extension. It’s main aim is to achieve diverse agricultural production and improved productivity, with focus to nutrition-based production.

Speaking at the launch, the minister, Mr. Emanuel Kisangau stressed the need to improve households access to diverse and safe nutrition, promote consumption of variety, and improve farm-level processing of local produce within Kitui County.

“Lack if nutrition leads to underdevelopment and poverty, ” Resonated the Minister, “The budget of managing mulnutrition is larger than that of effecting agri-nutrition. “

Minister Kisangau stressed on the need to start strategic planning for what the farmers project to harvest per hectare.

“It’s time we shifted from the traditional blind by-chance farming that is unpredictable, to a carefully planned and market-oriented farming, ” advised the minister, “That is the only way we shall achieve the Governor’s manifesto of food security and wealth creation through agriculture. “

The project seeks to achieve the development of a nutritional-sensitive approach to agriculture in the county.

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