Ngilu urges leaders to exploit natural resources for attainment of meaningful development.

Monday August 27, 2018

By Andrew Munyoki

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, Makueni County senator and H. E Governor Ngilu following proceedings of the Governor’s peer learning forum.

Makueni: Governor Charity Ngilu has reiterated the need for continued exploitation of natural resources across the country saying Kenya was endowed with a great pool of natural resources which must be exploited in order to realize meaningful development in the country.

She urged both leaders and citizens to reconsider their overreliance on donor funding in their pursuit of development in the counties and instead put into use the God given wealth to attain economic growth and development.

“There is a gap between what we the people can produce and what we receive from the top and it’s like we are sitting and waiting,” she said.

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She said the Kenyan leadership “will never address poverty in its real sense unless Kenyans themselves appreciate and exploit the country’s natural resources among them land and the people themselves alongside labour, capital and technology”

Ngilu in addition said devolution was the key that unlocked development in the country charging citizens to rise and demand what is rightfully theirs for development in the spirit of devolution.

“You know politicians never want to empower their people, they instead want them dis-empowered so that they will continue managing them” she asserted

She spoke at Kusyombunguo hotel in Makueni County where she is attending the ongoing first governor’s peer–to-peer learning mission.

The objectives of this year’s conference is to Learn and share experiences on mobilizing effective participation of citizens in devolution related activities in the counties as well as improve the governors’ knowledge on public participation using the Makueni County government’s model which is credited for the unprecedented sweeping wave of development witnessed in the county.

“Being here is a great learning experience for me and I will replicate the development witnessed in Makueni back in my home county Kitui,” she pledged when she addressed her colleagues.

Giving her remarks, Council of governor’s vice chairperson and Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru said they had come to benchmark on the Makueni county government’s model on public participation where they will identify what works and what doesn’t then apply the lessons in other counties.

15 governors, over a dozen deputy governors and representatives of development partners have attended this year’s session themed “public participation for the enhancement of accountability and responsiveness”

The two day conference entered its second and final day on Monday.

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