Why Kitui MCAs Fought Today: Wiper Broker Games Exposed!

Wednesday 1 August, Kitui. By Our Reporter.

A big section of the Wiper MCAs have today raised the temper of their House leader who hails from Kitui South leading to a scuffle in the house, Kitui Newspaper has established. This came at the backdrop of a heated lobby by the son of Kitui South yesternight at a popular restaurant in Kitui Town, which was also attended by our moles, to lure them into shooting down the emergency bill and the CIDP.

Known for his witty scheming, the 2nd term MCA has been known to use his title to swindle cash ahead of passing of any county bill. Early this week, he made rounds in local FMs stations punching holes and creating pressure ahead of today’s crucial bills.

“This seat he owns is an elective seat but he was given it freely. He is unpopular and wants to use our party to open a kiosk for handouts and rent seeking. He is in for a big shock”, reveals a Wiper member who sought anonymity. Apparently, the MCA was given a nomination by the party leader, something that did not auger well with the other MCAs.

However things went south today when he realized that 23 Wiper MCAs had decamped and decided to support the bills. Despite having lobbied his Wiper team he was shocked to learn that they had decided to stay put and pass the bills without amendments.

“We’ve been informed that he gave the 4 MCAs kshs 2,000 to help him in the fight. It is shocking”, disclosed another Wiper MCA.

Dejected and hollow, he stormed in to the chamber and raked havoc. Haphazardly throwing objects in the air, he knocked off a disabled member of the house before leaving the Assembly Hazard in pieces.

In the face of a politically injured Wiper broker and a CA accused of bribery and in the face of a divided Wiper Team up for grabs, only time will tell….

Soon to follow: The Cash Assembly- Explosive expose on the Ills and Rot in the Kitui County Assembly, and the money-trails… Follow http://www.kituinewspaper.com to stay in the know.

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