Chop off those ‘Transformers’: Dr. Kasalu on Rapists

Sunday 22 July, Kitui. By Brian Peter

Mama’s blessings: Kitui women representative Dr. Irene Kasalu shares a moment with the former women rep Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa during the funeral of Mrs. Monica Mutie, who is Hon Nyiva’s sister-in-law, in Kitui Township.

The Kitui Women Representative Dr. Irene Kasalu has proposed the impalement of all male rape suspects, in a bid to contain the escalating rape cases in the county.

Speaking yesterday at the funeral service of the former Kitui Women Rep Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa’s sister-in-law Monica Mwalale Mutie at Ngiini Village-Kitui Township, Dr. Kasalu stressed on the need for stringent measures in curbing the high rape cases in Kitui County. She cited a rape incident earlier where a five year old girl from Kwa Vonza is now undergoing corrective surgery at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

“This must be stopped by all means, “she implored. “If it’s us the women who are failing in our duties, then let’s go an extra mile to tame our men. The few radicals who will not find that enough, let their transformers be chopped off! ” she added forlornly.

Kitui County is ranked number two country-wide, in the increasing number of rape cases.

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