MCA querries the mass lack of title deeds in major Kitui towns

Monday 16 July, Kitui. By Brian Peter

The Kithumula/Kwa-Mutonga ward rep Hon. David Thuvi, populary known as ‘Muvingo’ (centre) at a past event in Kitui County

The Kuthumula/Mutonga ward representative has moved a statement question on the floor of the Kitui county assembly, demanding immediate action on the matter of urgency, owing to the disturbing finding that most plot owners in all the major towns in the entire Kitui County have never been issued with key land ownership documents.

In a document addressed to the speaker of the county assembly, Hon. David Thuvi requested for a statement under standing order no. 41(2) (c) from the chairperson Lands, infrastructure and Urban Development on the matter.

He expressed concerns that despite development plans having been completed for these major towns, no survey has been done up to date. Hon. Thuvi questioned whether the chairperson LIUD is aware that failure to provide the leases to the plot owners is disenfranchising in that they don’t have title deeds over their properties which they can use as collateral security in cases of need.

“This is freezing the capital potential of the land owners in these urban centers, as they can’t approach financial institutions for financing without title deeds,” mused Hon. Thuvi in an exclusive interview with the Kitui Newspaper. “Kitui County is sitting on billions worth of capital, frozen by the lack of these title deeds.”

MCA David Thuvi, a former high-profile banker, questioned whether the Ministry of Lands, infrastructure and Urban development has the human resources capacity to expendite the process of surveying and issuance of title deeds, and if not, what arrangements are in place to procure external consultancy services.

“(I request)… A statement on what the Ministry of LIUD is doing to ensure surveyed plans, development plans and other documents have been submitted to the National Land Commission for processing of leases as required…,” read the question statement.

Hon. David Thuvi has called for a detailed plan of action to be tabled before the house, on how the ministry of LIUD plans to provide the required ownership documents to property owners in all major towns and upcoming towns in Kitui County.

“This will trigger an economic boom never seen, and will also shift the weight off the local businesses’ over- reliance on government funding and grants, ” said the MCA.

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