Keep Cheap Politics Out of our Hospitals:Kitui Youths Tell off Senator Kiio,Wiper

Monday 9 July, Kitui By Brian Peter

A delagation of youth leaders led by the KCYM chairman Moses Munyalo chat with a patient admitted at the Kitui Referral Hospital. The team had toured the hospital this morning following claims by the Kitui Senator that patients have been sharing beds with the dead.

A section of Kitui youth leaders has called bluff the statements by the Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio that Kitui Referral Hospital is in a state of shame.

Speaking today after touring the hospital, a delegation of youth, led by the Kitui County Youth Movement chairman Moses Munyalo strongly condemned the senator and Wiper party for indulging in retrogressive politics at the expense of service delivery to the citizens.

“We are aware that the Wiper party has a wicked ploy against our governor, ” ranted Mr Moses Munyalo, after touring the entire hospital along with other youth leaders and medical personel, and ascertaining that none of the senator’s claims are valid. “We cannot have our development hampered by bureaucrats who only care for their own power and establishment. ”

He accused the Wiper leader Kalonzo of hypocrisy, and challenged him to come out clean why despite his claims to be working with the governor his party was so actively engaged in frustrating Ngilu’s development efforts. “I wonder why none of these leaders ever cared to visit the hospital during Malombe’s era, yet it was in such a pathetic situation. ”

Hundreds of youth had visited the hospital earlier in the morning to verify claims made yesterday by Senator Kiio that the patients were sharing beds with the dead, poor hygiene, and the new hospital machines were not working. A team of medics took the youth around the hospital, from the x-ray department to the labs and wards; where none of the senator’s allegations were validated. The ultrasound, the OPG, digital Mammogram, digital X-ray and the UPS were all operational, with patients recieving treatment. None of the patients in the wards was found sharing a bed with anybody, despite the senator’s claims that patients were sharing beds with the dead.

In an interview after the tour, the hospital supretendent Dr. Mungai complimented the county government for the efforts they have put in turning the Kitui Referral Hospital into a state-of-art medical centre. He however maintained a no-comment stand against the allegations the Senator made of the hospital being in a deplorable state of shame.

I respect the position the senator hold, and his office, so I can’t answer him on his words,”said Dr Mungai in an exclusive phone interview with Kitui Newspaper. “You’ve toured the hospital and seen yourself. ”

“I appreciate the chance the county government has given us to serve it’s honourable citizens in the most noble and honourable way, ” added the hospital supretendent.

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