Russia 2018 World Cup exposes Africans’ rigidity

By Yasin Musa AyamiI have taken particular interest in watching the performance of African teams at the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Interestingly, Africa has scored only three goals so far with each of our teams save Senegal losing their match mostly in the dying minutes of the game.

I have observed that even with so much attacking talent, African teams love to defend.

It is as if they go into the game to maintain the same result before the game.

Learning from the way African teams play, I have noted that their play is not different from the way most Africans approach life.

Africans love to defend their status.

They keep unproductive pieces of land for generations, they shun business events, they defend irrelevant customs, traditions, they stick to economic activities that keep their poverty intact.

An African will defend a worthless job till retirement.

Africans are afraid to attack poverty and will find every reason to defend their sorry state.

There is very little to celebrate in Africa because we do not win.

Examine yourself.

What do you defend in your life? It is exciting to attack. Attack changes results, it brings euphoria, it makes life worth living. Start attacking what keeps you miserable now.

Watching Tunisia with all their attacking talent, speed and energy, I was left wondering why they opted to defend only to concede a heartbreaking last minute goal from the team that chose to attack.

Learn the bad lesson of defending from the African team and choose attack as your lifestyle.

Am off to attack!

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2 thoughts on “Russia 2018 World Cup exposes Africans’ rigidity

  1. Brian, Am so blessed to read this. Caleb is my orphaned Nephew and I just want to thank you for attaching his card on your news. You have touched my heart. Thanks on behalf of family

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    • I knew Mwema, Caleb’s brother years ago, and I consider him one of my best friends and mentors…. I’ll do anything for his little bro, and anything to see him get well.


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