Mutonguni Ward Updates: The Appeal Ruling Aftermaths

Thursday June 21, Kitui. By Brian Peter

File Photo: Residents of Mutonguni Ward hold demonstations outside the Kitui County Assembly in February 2018 decrying the lack of representation resulting from court cases that have dragged on for almost a year since August 8th elections. In an appeal rulling yesterday, the Kitui High Court ordered IEBC to conduct fresh elections

Kitui West political craze has reincarnated for a second time this year, after the High Court of Kitui ruled for a by-election for the Mutonguni Ward seat.

However, mixed signals are flying all over the public sphere; as little whispering ghosts hint another possibility of an appeal by one of the candidates in the tussle.

Despite one of the contestants, Musee Mati issueing a press release today, accepting the appeal rulling, and admitting he’s ready to go back to the ballot; his counterpart Felix Baridi Mbevo might have different ideas all together. The likelihood of filling an appeal with the Court of Appeal is high, as his legal representation maintains a no comment status towards the buzz.

Meanwhile, the former MCA Kithuka is suddenly on overdrive, as he prepares to unleash his bag of surprises for this banquet. Little tea parties and closed-door meetings are currently being held in one of the major towns in Kitui West, and the terms of reference are so obvious.

As an aura of uncertainty and anxiety looms over Mutonguni Ward, those in the political know are hinting possibility of a tough race in the by-election. Will it be Baridi of Narc, or Mati of CCM, or will the former MCA hon. Kithuka of Wiper carry the day; in the most controversial county assembly position since August 8 elections?

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