It’s Fresh Elections For Mutonguni Ward, High Court Rules

Kitui, Wednesday June 20. By Brian Peter

Kitui High court Judge Mutende reads her rulling on the Mutonguni Ward appeal earlier this afternoon. She directed IEBC to conduct fresh elections.

Kitui West will be holding a second by-election this year, according to the rulling made today by the High Court of Kitui.

Following an appeal filed by Hon. Felix Baridi Mbevo, after the Kitui Magistrates Court nulified his win and granted victory to Musee Mati, Justice Mutende rulled that fresh elections should be conducted to give Mutonguni Ward a new MCA.

In her verdict, Justice Mutende stated that there were errors made in the rulling made by the magistrates Court in their past verdict. She rulled that provisional results should not have been used to determine the petition; and that the votes margin between the petitioner,Musee Mati, and the first respondent, Felix Mbevo, was so small it should have called for a votes recount and scrutiny. She also noted that form 34As were not availed to the court before the rulling was made.

Justice Mutende ordered that the IEBC conduct fresh elections for Mutonguni Ward; and that the first respondent, Musee Mati, pay the appealant, Hon. Felix Mbevo and IEBC all the costs incured during the legal suit.

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