Breaking News:Kitui Sugar Trader and Wife Released on Bond

By Brian Peter

Monday June 18, Kitui.

Mt. Kenya Distributors proprietor Mr Mwangi and his Wife Maggie celebrate their freedom, after the Kitui Magistrates Court released Mr Mwangi on a 1M bond this evening

The Mount Kenya Distributors proprietor Mr Mwangi and his wife Maggie have been released on 1million bond after being incancerated from Tuesday last week, over allegations of distributing contraband sugar in their stores in Kitui town.

Mr Mwangi has been detained in the Kitui Police cells while his wife was separately held in Matuu Police Station, following their arrests last week.
The incident drew a lot of media and public attention, with the Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu disrupting a crucial county meeting to, in the company of several local legislators and county officials, witness the arrest and impounding of the suspected contraband sugar consignment by the police.

Speaking yesterday at a church function in Yatta, the governor cautioned those with plans to dump cointetfeit goods in Kitui County and rebuked in strong terms the alleged sale of suspected contaminated sugar to unsuspecting Kitui residents.

However, samples of the impounded sugar have been send to the government labs for tests to ascertain whether they are really toxic as claimed, and by the time of going to press, no official lab results have been availed.

Upon seeking comments on the allegations, his legal team has requested that the Mwangis be allowed to rest first, since they have had a stressful week, but will explain things out to the media later.

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One thought on “Breaking News:Kitui Sugar Trader and Wife Released on Bond

  1. One word to hon.ngilu its good to have concern on your pple bt my question is what will the family of those who where working at that shop feed there families with when the organised demos to remove these business pple out of kitui? We can’t fit into to your office all of us so pliz these are only distributers why can’t u come up with really big fish we have K.E.B.S ,KRA n the rest did this sugar come to kenya like mana stop this pliz


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