Public Outcry Over Explicit County Condom Spree Towards Kitui Sevens Event.

Friday, June 1, Kitui.

A section of religious leaders and local leaders has come out strongly to condemn the act of public distribution of condoms by the County yesterday. They have termed the act as demeaning and alien to the native conservative african society around the county.

Kitui County government, through the Ministry of Health, has been engaged in a condom-distribution exercise around Kitui Town since yesterday, an activity that drew alot of public outrage as the people tasked with the endeavor drove around various estates carelessly throwing condoms to the public.

“This is creating a bad picture to our innocent children,” lamented Mzee Musa, a madrassa teacher in Majengo estate of Kitui Town. “How can we instil the good virtue of abstinence to our children, when the county government is throwing condoms to them? It’s like giving them a licence to abomination! ”

The activity, which saw the county government distribute over 3000 boxes of condoms, attracted so much apprehension that the County Commissioner had to recall the vehicles doing rounds in town for appraisal.

“It was so humiliating, when I was seated with my 10-year old daughter outside my shop, and a county government vehicle drove by and threw us a box of condoms! ” disclosed Vundi, a trader at the Kalundu Market, “I was lost for words when my daughter asked me what those were!”

The controversial exercise, which was headed by Dr. Ombuga , drew 1.5million shillings from the county coffers. However, insider information told Kitui Newspaper that the condoms were sourced from old hospital stocks, and the money might have ended up pocketed by unscrupulous individuals in the ministry.

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