Risk of Massive Toxic Waste Exposure, as NEMA steps in to investigate Possibility County Secretly Burried Asbestos Waste in Kitui Stadium Grounds!

Wednesday May 30, Kitui. By Kitui Newspaper team

NEMA field inspection team at the site of suspected dumping of the toxic Bio-hazard waste inside the Kitui Stadium parameters in Kitui Town this afternoon. NEMA has promised to send its investigators immediately to ascertain if the asbestos containers might be illegally burried in this mass grave.

The dreaded Kitui County Asbestos Beast has awoken again, this time amid great fears that the county government secretly burried the two shipping containers containing toxic asbestos waste that have been lying in the Kitui Stadium parking area for months inside the stadium!

In a desperate move to mask the great risk posed by the toxic waste to the residents of the stadium environs, and the guests arriving for the scheduled Churchil One Laugh Tour Concert, the County Government through the Ministry of Environment, facilitated the mysterious vanishing of the two controversial shipping containers.

The asbestos waste was exhumed from Kyoongwe Hills in Kitui East Sub-county, where they had been allegedly illegally dumped by a foreign company last year. Legal tussles ensued afterwards, leaving the County Government of Kitui with a dangerous consignment they didn’t have the location or capacity to dispose. This led to the controversial dumping of the containers containing the asbestos waste in the Kitui Stadium grounds, masqerading as contractor’s supply containers. Up until Kitui Newspaper revealed the contents of the containers, during the preperations for the Miss Kitui Beauty Pegeant, the County had been very discreet about the issue.

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Now faced with the possibility of same public outcry during the Kitui Sevens after-party, the county government took the drowning man’s way of clutching at a straw and arranged for a quiet disposal of the toxic waste.

On a phone interview with the Kitui Newspaper reporter this morning, the County Minister for Environment Mr. Makau said that there was no asbestos waste in the stadium environs anymore. However when questioned on the same by the Kitui County NEMA Director of Environment Mr. Fredrick Nambisia, the Minister lied that the containers were still in place at the Kitui Stadium parking lot.

In an exclusive interview with Kitui Newspaper, the NEMA director revealed that NEMA had never been notified of any change of location of the toxic waste containers.

“The last communication NEMA recieved from the county government is that the toxic waste was being safely stored in containers at the Kitui Stadium waiting the gazettation of a safe disposal area, ” explained Mr. Nambisia. “I send my team of field inspectors to check on the minister’s words that the containers are still in the parking lot, and the report they gave is that they are missing! ”

“Am shocked beyond words, and surprised at the thought that the minister could lie to my office on such sensitive matters!”

An interesting and equally worrying discovery was also made: to the lower west-end of the Kitui Stadium, mysterious activities took place a few days ago! The massive excavation activities that no one in the county can account for are so vivid, in what looks like a covered mass grave big enough to burry the two containers of toxic Bio-hazard waste.

NEMA field inspectors visited the site today, acting on a tip from a concerned resident, and expressed their fears that the consignment of toxic asbestos might actually have ended up burried inside the Kitui Stadium.

The massive earth-filled hole is barely forty meters away from Kalundu River, that feeds the massive Kalundu Dam and a proposed site for an eco-park project in the near future. It is also located less than 10 meters away from the towering tents being set up for the Kitui Sevens after-party inside the stadium.

Speaking to the field inspectors on site, Kitui Newspaper established that NEMA will be sending its investigators from the head quarters to establish what was really burried inside the mass grave. If they establish it to be the toxic waste, NEMA has disclosed that they shall be instituting a legal suit against the county government and persons responsible.

“If this proves to be a dumping site for the toxic Bio-hazard waste, NEMA will ensure the culprits are brought to book,” assured Naftali, the lead Field Inspector. “This site cannot have been subjected to an Environmental Impact Assessment,” he added.

For a site to be declared safe for toxic waste disposal, the law requires the following:

1. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) must be done by certified professionals.

2. NEMA must issue an EIA licence for the site.

3. A waste disposal licence must be obtained from NEMA.

Both licences are only issued from the NEMA head quarters in Nairobi. A permit must also be issued by NEMA for the transit and movement of high risk toxic waste, and several parameters monitored at the site of temporary storage of such wastes for a period of time. These parameters inclide soil analysis and water quality analysis.

“None of these procedures have been followed by the county government in the mysterious disappearance of the Kyoongwe Hills asbestos waste,” revealed a senior county NEMA official who requested anonymity for fear of repraisals. “There’s a possibility that this toxic waste will end up haunting the afterlives of unmentionable numbers of innocent people for centuries to come! ”

Asbestos is classified as high risk toxic waste, alongside lead.

Photos of the suspected illegal dumping site inside the Kitui Stadium

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