High School Principal in Court Over Student Rape Charges

Thursday May 24, Kitui. By Yoana Kimwele

The principal Mosa Secondary School, Mr Samuel Matuvi Kimanzi, who was charged today for raping a female student at the Kitui Magistrates Court.

A school principal was arraigned in court today over the charge of raping a female form three student.

The middle aged man, who is the principal of Mosa Mixed Secondary School, was arraigned in court on charges of raping an 18 year-old form three girl, a student at this school, on 21st May 2018 at Mosa location,Kisasi Ward,in Kitui Rural Constituency.

The accused, Mr. Samuel Matuvi Kimanzi; who has been held in Mbitini Police cells sincr his arrest on Tuesday night, pleaded not guilty over the charge against him before the Kitui Chief Magistrate Marryane Murage.

Samuel was granted a bond of 200,000 with similar surety or an alternative cash bail of 50,000.

He will appear before this court on 6th June 2018 for mention and hearing on 22nd of September 2018.

8 thoughts on “High School Principal in Court Over Student Rape Charges

  1. Let this man suffer cause of his action…..and let justice prevail here plus…. this is the type of peoples that the community need to erudict…. or send them to exile like miguna miguna….. ruining the life of a minor innocent student.


    • I am not defending him but how do you know it is true!?
      Is it not too early to judge!?
      Not even the magistrate can pass a verdict on him until all investigations are done n procedures are followed! .
      It can also be a fabrication inspired by malice, who knows!
      Give the magistrate time to do his work. Let us not overtake him/her.!
      N remember, God warns us not to judge lest we r judged ourselves!
      Malicious accusations can be levelled against anyone! Every one in this world has friends as well as enemies,!
      (my take!)!


  2. Let him be be jailed,,,I saw his behaviour since 2015,,,during tuition sessions,,,very manner less using his authority to silence the students hadi wanamuita KU,,,,


    • This is a matter of hatred now! You want to see him jailed because he used to be strict until u had to nickname him KU.!?
      Are you sure u r not being mean n malicious!?
      If he was strict while on the course of duty then he was only being responsible!
      But the matter at hand is different from the above n it should be handled indepedently.
      When u become a principal or someone in authority then you will set an example by being better than him!


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