Chuluni Mca Lauds KVA Environmental Summit Kitui County

Tuesday May 22, Kitui. By Victor Kyalo

The Chuluni Ward Mca hon. James Mbuvi Wangunze when he was taking the oath of office in 2017. |FILE PHOTO|

Chuluni MCA Hon James Mbuvi Wangunze has congratulated Kamba Visionaries Association (KVA) for their great efforts in environmental conservation in Ukambani.
Hon Wangunze said the noble activity being carried out by KVA(to which he is a member) would go a long way in safeguarding a serene environment and peaceful coexistence for the people of Ukambani region which has over the years been characterised by dry spells due to lack of sufficient annual rainfall.

KVA is an online whatsapp platform that was created by professionals from across the 3 Kamba counties of Kitui, Machakos & Makueni; and which has taken the front line in championing for a better Ukambani since its inception. KVA is however by all means non-political.

In his remarks, the MCA hailed KVA’s leadership of Chairman Hon Hillary Katee, Secretary Victor Mutua and Treasurer Dr Mwanzia Kasau(plus all members) for their selfless service which has distinguished the forum from the many others created for a myriad of reasons.

The legislator observed this even as KVA plans a mega Environmental Summit in Kitui town on Friday, 1st June 2018.
This follows KVA’s tree-planting exercise that took place last month in several areas in Kitui county which came up as a positive response to Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s ban on charcoal business.
During the exercise, thousands of seedlings were planted by volunteers including institutions that subscribe to the National clarion call on Environmental conservation.

Chuluni ward was among the major beneficiaries of the tree-planting exercise which had been mainly sponsored by Snr Chief Katee Foundation:- a brainchild of Hon Hillary Katee and other KVA environmentalists.
The drive triggered similar reactions from renown environmentalists Dr Isaac Kalua & John Kioli of Green Africa Foundation who also donated thousands of seedlings to the County Govt of Kitui for the sake of future generations’ well-being.

The MCA heaped praise on Her Excellency Mama Gov Charity Ngilu for swiftly taking up the challenge and leading in the tree-planting exercise in several other parts of our county.
Hon Wangunze further congratulated the County CEC for Environment Mr John Makau for his dedication to work in the ministry in which among other things provided for such sober environmental advice to the office of the Governor.

The local legislator observed that in doing so, both Gov Ngilu, KVA fraternity and the Green Africa Foundation provided a practical approach to problems bedevilling our county head on and vowed to always fully support such initiatives for a better Kitui.
Hon Wangunze reiterated the need to conserve our environment arguing that this would help bring about Gov Ngilu’s No. 1 item(food & water) in the 5-pillar manifesto into full realisation.

KVA members and partners will visit several beneficiaries to ascertain the progress of the trees donated during the April rain season and note down the practicability of the exercise for future engagements.

KVA calls upon all citizens to conserve the environment!

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