Good News to Ndengu Farmers, As County Secures 2000m tonnes Market

Monday May 21, Kitui. By Brian Peter

The Kitui County CECM for Agriculture Water and Livestock Emanuel Kisangau. The minister has expressed confidence the county government of Kitui will ensure that all the green grams produced this season will get a good market.

The county government of Kitui has sealed a deal that will see local ndengu farmers sell 200 metric tonnes of this season’s harvest.

According to the county Minister for Agriculture Emmanuel Kisangau, Capwell Industries, a local processor, has placed an order for 2000 metric tonnes of Pure Nylon variety of green grams.

“My ministry has already engaged farmers from all over the county to prepare their green grams produce for market,” disclosed Minister Kisangau in an exclusive interview with Kitui Newspaper today, “We shall set up and communicate common pick-up points for the ndengu produce within every sub-county.”

Other key agricultural and water projects already running in the county are: Water Pipeline extensions aimed at delivering water to the homesteads and villages in Mwingi North, Kitui South and Kitui East sub-counties; constructions of earthdams and sand dams across the county; and the delivery of 1060 water tanks to various secondary schools, ECDE centers and communal points in Kitui County.

“The county government, through my ministry, has already procured and distributed 120 improved modern bee hives in a drive to revive the bee-keeping industry,” said Mr. Kisangau. “We are targeting to supply over 500 such bee hives by August this year. ”

Minister Emanuel Kisangau expressed confidence that the county government has secured a ready market for bee products, with an assured market price of Ksh. 450 per kilo of honey.

Speaking on the matter of the annual agricultural show, Mr. Kisangau made it clear that his ministry wouldn’t be holding such event this year.

“Let us promote and improve local production first, so that what will be show-cased in the 2018-2019 Kitui Agricultural Show will be truly ‘the pride of Kitui,” he countered.

2 thoughts on “Good News to Ndengu Farmers, As County Secures 2000m tonnes Market

  1. This is an excellent move, a leap in right direction; our local economy must be enhanced and citizens empowered, Heko.


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