Kasikeu Ward no Longer Maginalized in Makueni County Assembly

Kilome, Wednesday May 2,

By Mully Daniel

The symbiotic relationship between leaders and teamwork is transforming developments and services to the people of Kasikeu ward they are enjoying now something they have never seen in the last 5 years during the famous ‘kukusanisya isandoo’ wrangles between the executive and makueni assembly legislators.

This wrangles made it impossible for the executive to execute its mandate in time. Bills from the executive would take long in Parliament.

This however, has changed after the swearing in of new MCA’s who care and are developmental orientated leaders.

Unlikely in the last Parliament where parliamentarians from makueni assembly would word very hard to derail Gov Kivutha’s development dreams, the new milestone have been made upon the inception of the new MCA’s.

Hon Tangai being one of the leaders who have maintained strong relationship with the His county boss and the executive CEO Gov Kibwana have made it possible for Kasikeu people to be considered together with other MCA’s from other Wards.

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