Kitui County Governor to Launch Massive Mineral Extraction Expedition Tomorrow

Kitui, Tuesday May 1,

Courtesy of the Governor’s Press

Kitui County Governor H. E. Charity Kaluki Ngilu will be launching her push for the extraction of massive Kitui mineral wealth tomorrow, begining with a visit to the land owners in the demarcated mining sites.

The governor will make about seven stops to sensitize the residents on being alert and participating in the decision making process so as to ensure the mining activities change their lives for the better.

According to the official programme, Governor Ngilu will fly to Ngaiye area of Kyuso, then drive to Mathuki in the Mui basin, move to Mutito, Kanziku, Mathima, Ikanga and end the itinerary at Mithikwani area of Kitui West.
Also, the governor will pass by Kanyoonyoo to express her solidarity with victims of flooding in the area before embarking on her eye-opening tour.

The county has cosmic deposits of assorted valuable minerals including coal, iron ore, Limestone, gypsum, graphite, granite, quartz and copper that dot many parts of the region.

Several prospectors are said to have obtained licenses in the past years and continue to occupy people’s land to date without an elaborate compensation process.

The meetings come ahead of a major stakeholders forum that the Governor will chair on Friday at Kefri , Kitui Town, that will bring together holders of mining licenses , the County Government of Kitui, the National Government and the communities that live on the land bearing the minerals.

The meeting is expected to discuss how best to utilize the mineral to the benefit for of all stakeholders, the compensation plan for residents, the law governing the whole process, the source of compensation money and the formulae of sharing and distribution of mineral benefits.

Mrs. Ngilu has also invited the Wiper leader and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to the meeting, alongside the Kitui Senator and Women Representative. all Kitui MPs, Former Senator David Musila, MCAs, former MPs, former councilors, Cabinet Secretary for Mining, Religious leaders and Community leaders to be part of the big mineral conversation.

At stake is the fate of mining licenses being held by firms for the last seven years without a tangible effort to start mining the vast mineral deposits.

Governor Ngilu’s focus on mining resonates with her fifth pillar of Wealth Creation in her manifesto. The governor believes that through organized utilization of Kitui’s minerals that is devoid of exploiting the land owners is one of the quickest ways of developing the county.

One thought on “Kitui County Governor to Launch Massive Mineral Extraction Expedition Tomorrow

  1. I believe the governor has done her homework well. If she invited the PS of mining Mr. John Omenge it would be far much better.
    Again, the biggest problem lies on the land adjudication process, a mandate of the Ministry of Lands. How do you compensate people that don’t have titles for their parcels. This is the problem that pushed Ali Dangote from Kanziko. ARM suffers the same problem in Ngaie Kyuso

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