Angry Residents Lock Up MCA office!

Kitui, Wednesday, April 18

By Victor Vundi

Mutonguni Ward MCA elect, Hon. Musee Mati address irate residents of Mutonguni Ward after they locked up the Ward Rep offices in Tulia Shopping Centre earlier today.

Mutonguni Ward MCA elect Hon Eng Musee Mati in Tulia Shopping Centre, which hosts Mutonguni Ward Offices, today made an impromptu visit to the offices accompanied by enthusiastic residents to demand for accountability on spending of ward funds.

Speaking to a charged crowd gathered outside the office, which unanimously demanded accountability and agreed with the MCA elect that the office should be closed indefinitely pending determination and the outcome of the appeal before a Kitui judge, Hon Mati made it clear that he will not relent until the supreme will of the people of Mutonguni is respected.

The political drama in Mutonguni is far from ending and it appears to be gaining momentum to high voltage politics never witnessed before in Kitui West.

On Monday this week, the MCA issued a press statement at a Kitui Hotel, condemning the defiant move by the County Assembly speaker George Ndoto of allowing his opponent, the dethroned MCA Baridi Mbevo to continue attending assembly seatings and conduct house business in the name of the Mutonguni Ward Representative. Displaying his IEBC certificate, gazette notice, and copies of the appeal ruling by the High Court of Kitui; Hon Mati called upon the national government anf the Devolution Ministry to step in and quell the situation. He demanded accountability and transparency in the matter, disclosing that he had information that Mr. Mbevo was still recieving salaries from public coffers, despite having been degazetted as an MCA and the Kitui High Court denying him stay orders after filing an appeal.

Follow the link below to view the full video of Mutonguni Ward MCA’s press statement: MCA in Kitui County Assembly!

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