Saturday April 14, Kitui. By Kitui NewspaperTeam

Former Kitui Health CECM consults with the Governor H. E. Charity Ngilu during a past event.

Kituinewspaper investigative team set out a 3 day’s hunt for information around the reassignment of Kitui Health CEC Rosaita. The former Minister, was shelved aside because of the following reasons,Kitui Newspaper can authoritatively report:

1. Given her background in crowd sourcing among NGOs, the talented profession lacked basics skills on drugs and key hospital machinery. Sources reveal she could have lied in her CV that she worked within leading Health providers like the WHO arm in South Africa. As such, this led to lack of adequate coordination of flow of clinical information and command along the sensitive health docket.

2. Her soft approach to lagging staff and mother-like treatment to lazy employees greatly compromised servitude among the staff. It is reported that at one time she simply “advised” several nurses and clinical officers working in the larger Mwingi, who had absconded duty for 2 weeks. A no-nonsense CEC would have prescribed more severe professional punishment to such errand staff.

3. The health Ministry remained a major Ministry that awarded tenders that were never advertised. Caught in the act, she had became too busy to notice that several Procurement Officers especially in Kitui Level 4 Hospital operate with proxy companies to award themselves tenders. A case is quoted of an intern in Kitui Level 4, who earns kshs 15,000 a month, yet recently purchased a car worth kshs 850,000. The procurement team is accused of, ensuring that they pay their proxy companies first before paying other contractors, thus hurting the budget. Some suppliers have debt arreas stretching back for months.

4. Irregular employment that hurts regional balance. The last recruitment in the ministry including the casuals were conducted with utmost obscurity.

5. Others are unprintable for the sake of litigations and trepidation of opening a can of worms that might see more heads roll.

Several opinion leaders have however acknowledged Rosaita’s gift in crafting excellent funding proposals. Others have lauded her on her new coordination job hoping she will tap in her expertise and bring more donors on board.

According to clientele reports, the Kitui Level 4 hospital service delivery has improved. This, according to reports, has been necessitated by the Kitui Governor’s constant and impromptu visits to the hospital. Many health workers, who have in the past slowed service delivery in the hospital, are afraid of being caught red handed slagging on the job. Such employees have been suspended and others fired in recent past.

“The governor came here and found us living in deplorable conditions. We now have adequate attention and we are being served without delay. Look around, you will not find any long queues like before,” quiped Mercy Mutual from Kyaango who has been admitted at Kitui General Hospital for four months.

According to a social media contributor dubbed ” The People’s Waziri”, the governor has been called upon to step up tours in order to improve service delivery in sub county hospitals.

A screenshot of the social media post by blogger “People’s Waziri”

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