Am Beginning to Get Tired with Wiper: Governor Kibwana

The makueni governor, H. E. Kivutha Kibwana today expressed his discomfort with the Wiper Party, hinting his possibility of ditching the party.

In a post in the OKM Whatsapp group, governor Kibwana made it clear that he was beginning to tire with the never-ending fights inside the Wiper Party, and moreso the newly formed outfit, One Kenya Movement. He accused top leadership in Wiper of deriving pleasure from abusing and intimidating the very own people who are responsible for drumming support for Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka.

Kibwana accused the Mwingi Central MP Hon. Mulyungi of ill-will on the idea of unifying Ukambani region.

“I am disappointed that after we did a lot of work to help Party Leader to bring our community together Hon. Mulyungi saw it fit to virulently attack Gov. Ngilu. Other Wiper leaders relish in abusing some of the Makueni people who are working day and night to help (Hon. Kalonzo). They continue to view those who came to Wiper recently as outsiders. Personally, I am beginning to be fatigued,” read the 7.21 PM post by kibwana.

Hon. Mulyungi has been trending all over social media in the last two weeks following a tirrage of insults he unleashed on the Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, and was also among the top Wiper leaders who met Hon. Kalonzo at JKIA when he returned from a foreign trip a few days ago.

A screenshot of the post made by Governor Kibwana in the OKM Whatsapp group earlier this evening. The governor expressed his growing displeasure with the top Wiper leaders and hinted a possibility of quitting Wiper Party

Could the idea of unifying Ukambani politically be just another lame duck for Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka? Kindly share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.

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