Kitui, Thursday April 12, By Brian Peter

Kitui Central Member of County Assembly Hon. Ndoo addressing trainee representatives from all over the county at the Kenya Water Institute Kitui Town earlier in the afternoon. The trainees were attending the governor’s launch of a project aiming at achieving capacity trainings for locals for sustainability of county water projects at the community level.

The Kitui central member of the county assembly Hon. Ndoo has asked the county government to consider including the local community in the ongoing projects within Kitui Central Ward.

Addressing over 300 trainees from various sub-counties, who had turned up for the Launch of Water Resource Persons Training on Governance and Sustainability of Water Supplies held at Kenya Water Institute grounds today; Hon. Ndoo questioned the minimal benefits the institution was awarding to the locals of Kitui central Ward. He tasked the Principal KEWI, Mr. Kaburi, to make public the local admission rate at the institution.

Hon. Ndoo also expressed concerns that local tenders were being awarded to non-locals, despite the residents of Kitui Central having the capacity to deliver. He also tasked the office of the governor to ensure security lights in and around town were installed and maintained to standards to curb the rising crime rate witnessed in the recent past.

The governor H.E. Charity Ngilu, the Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau, the CECM Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development Hon. Emmanuel Kisangau, The CECM Ministry of Tourism Patrick Koki Musau, among other ministry officials and County Assembly legislators graced the launch. This training will encompass the entire county, and seeks to achieve capacity building for community water projects sustainability.

The 11 million project will be fully funded by the County Government of Kitui and will initiate community trainings, carried out by KEWI, in the following order:

From Monday 16th to 21st April the trainings will be carried out in Mutomo, Kitui South Sub-County

On 22nd to 28th April the trainings will be held at Zombe, Kitui East Sub-county

From 30th April to 5th May the trainings will be held in Kyusyani, Kitui Rural; and concurrently at the KEWI Institute Kitui Central.

On 7th to 12th May the trainings will be held in Kabati, Kitui West; and Migwani, Mwingi West

And from 14th to 19th May the trainings will be held in Mwingi town, Mwingi Central sub-county; and Kyuso in Mwingi North.

The governor also launched a 24-hour hotline for reporting water issues and related emergencies: 0702615888.

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