Kitui County Set To Roll Out Universal Health Care Plan, Ngilu Affirms.

Sunday, 18th February, Kitui

By Brian Peter

Kitui County governor H. E. Charity Ngilu greets Members of the County Assembly after her arrival at JKIA from India yesternight. Ngilu is set to launch a Universal Health Care plan in Kitui County soon.

The challenge of settling huge hospital bills has bedevilled many poor families in Kitui County in the past. In more painful cases, families have had to hold fund raisers for hospital bills long after their beloved ones have died and been buried.

It is on this concern that the Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu has promised to have a Universal Health Insurance plan for every citizen in Kitui County. This project is set to roll out very soon, according to information from the Office of the Governor.

“We have already held series of community based barazas in order ensure the plan has the input of the locals. Though it is good to have this plan, we feel public participation will profit us with better ideas on how to go about it,” confided the County Minister for Health Madam Rosaita in an exclusive interview with the Kitui Newspaper reporter.

There is focus to target women,children,the dissabled and the aged in this plan. Many aged men and women do not have enough funds to travel to hospitals or purchase drugs.This is the key reason why many pregnant women in the county have not been able to access quality health care in the rural settings of Kitui.

“It pains me to hear that pregnant women are dying during child birth. Others are left to the inexperienced hands of midwives when we have a lot of funds as a county to make their lives better. I can’t wait to launch this Universal healthcare plan for the good of our people,” said H.E Ngilu during the past World AIDS day in Katulani, Kitui Central constituency.

This insurance scheme will go a long way in helping poor families access to health care services.

The Governor is reputed for introducing the OBA Maternity Cover pilot project in the county back in 2014 when she was still serving as a minister in the National government.

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