Political Sealant Forces Hit At Governor Ngilu’s Pet Project.

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Tuesday January 2, Kitui
-By Steve Mumbu(For County Watch Lens)


The Kitui County Governor’s first project in office, The Ndengu Revolution has become the new punching bag for the forces of political sealants that have been keeping the Kitui people in stinking poverty for decades. The so called truth seekers are known Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s opponents key strategists campaigners in the last election.

The facts they purport to have are nothing but propaganda and shallow understanding of how Kitui is transforming fast before their very eyes against their wish. We kindly wish to respond to the public as follows;

1: The cash used to purchase ndengu seeds was sourced from County Government of Kitui and Kenya Red Cross. The county bought 118 metric tonnes from Kenya Seed Company and local Kitui suppliers. Kenya Red Cross supported Kitui with *250 metric tonnes. A total of 368 metric tones were distributed to 184,000 households across all the 8 sub counties of Kitui.
When do these self proclaimed truth seekers participate in this program that benefited over 75% of the Kitui County residents?

2. The pesticides used were those recommended by KEPHIS who actually conducted a two days training for County Agri. Extensions Officers and selected farmers from all the 8 sub counties. The pesticides were sourced from over 40 Agro-vets and suppliers from the County. This was done to empower the local  agrovets and local traders. Of course this is strange to the perpetrators of poverty and people who believe that only a few well connected individuals should benefit from the County business.

3. The First Community Bank has supported and is supporting Kenya Red Cross on this project. Kenya Red Cross promised to buy a portion of Ndengu from the farmers. The opening of the accounts is purely a commercial transaction between Red Cross and the farmers and it is on a willing buyer willing seller basis. Nobody in Kitui owns shares in First Community Bank and those implying that are the same people who never wish anything good for Kitui people.

4. The amount of cash inherited from Ngilu’s predecessor Dr. Julius Malombe’s government is a matter of public knowledge in the budget documents. If the so called truth seekers cared to seek facts and read they would not be asking such a pedestrian question. On how the money has been appropriated, we urge the ‘truth seekers’ to wait for the necessary reports when they will be tabled or be patient for the auditors reports. To even cast aspersions at the rains which are God given shows how lowly the alleged truth seekers are willing to sink to prove their propaganda.

As a leader, Governor Ngilu took a bold decision to support the farmer of Kitui by ploughing, providing certified seeds, pesticides and marketing to ensure that the Kitui farmer benefits fully from their sweat.

Who are the alleged truth seekers working for? The cartels that used to fleece Kitui residents through skewed contracts? The cartels that have been socio-economically choking innocent Kitui residents? The brokers that used to steal from farmers by underpricing on goods? Let the so called truth seekers come out in the open and declare their interest.

As for Governor Ngilu and her administration the interest is one: TO EMPOWER THE PEOPLE OF KITUI TO PROSPERITY.

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