“I Will Still Do It Again! ” Says Hon. Alex Nganga

Saturday December 30, Kitui

By Steve Mumbu




Miambani mca hon Alex Nganga joins traditional dancers in a gig at a past function in Miambani, Kitui County.

Miambani MCA Hon. Alex Nganga has rebuked those who criticized his luxurious entertainment spree with boda boda boys and other youths a week ago during the just concluded Miss Kitui County cavalcade.

The Deputy Minority Leader has said that the youthful talented Katombi stands out as the best Kamba musician today.

“I am happy we the people of Kitui are appreciating and taking pride in this. I still maintain it was a waste of our County share of public funds to bring the celebrity MEJJA to Kitui for the Miss Kitui event ignoring the wealth of talent we have in this County,” Nganga said.

Hon. Nganga has warned a few who criticised him when he paid for the boda boda boys and others to attend Katombi’s performance at the famous Trade Lounge.

“Let them know I will still do it again and again. As an elected leader it’s hypocritical to have fun while the people who voted for us peep from outside. When am sipping expensive whisky or wine with you guys it’s ok, when I do it with the Kalundu boys and the less privileged it’s wrong, come on give me a break,” Hon. Nganga reiterated.

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