Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile Opinions On The Kitui West Politics

Saturday December 30, Nairobi

By Brian Peter


The electorate of KITUI WEST Constituency have every right to enjoy their democratic right and not imposed anarchy

Another MCA has added her voice to the already ongoing debate on who should be the next Member of Parliament for Kitui West Constituency.

Jubilee’s nominated MCA Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile has advised that while it is every citizen’s democratic right to seek for an elective position, it is undemocratic when some candidates believe that the seat they are eyeing is the preserve of only ‘selected families’.

At the end of the day the buck must always stop with the electorate. No leader should be seen to be forced or coerced on the voters. In respect of the above the KITUI WEST constituents should be carefully guided and at the end of everything be given the mandate to elect their choice candidate and whom they will have found a suitable candidate to represent them in the August house.

Reliable sources indicate that Kalunda will be among key players in advising on who is most suitable to become the next Member of parliament for Kitui West Constituency.

Mutonguni ward residents, majority of whom have softened their stand towards Jubilee Party for nominating one of their own to the Kitui County Assembly have revealed that they will heavily rely on her guidance and direction on the most suitable candidate in the upcoming by-election for the seat left vacant following the demise of former MP Hon. Francis Nyenze.

Kalunda, whose name has even been proposed at high level consultations by constituents as a suitable flagbearer for nomination to contest for the seat had this to say, “I already have a platform to serve as Member of County Assembly(MCA) of Kitui. I will not offer my candidature in this by-election. But though I will not be king in this by-election, I will definitely give my best shot in advisory to Kitui West constituents and will be among key determinants on who becomes king”.

And while appreciating that a leader could still pop-up from a family of prior leadership, what I am personally against is the notion of a candidate believing that they are the chosen ‘saint’ by association to a certain family.

Incase of above scenario, then that candidate‘s leadership qualities must be independently scrutinized. However, their election to parliament must still be left squarely at the mercy of the electorate.

4 thoughts on “Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile Opinions On The Kitui West Politics

  1. I come from Kitui West Constituency a diehard of Jubilee Party and i 100% back Hon. Esther Ndile on citizen’s right to choose their leaders. We are set to choose our MP and would request that nobody forces leaders on us. We pray that God will give us a leader of His choice. Ruth Nduku


  2. I totally support Hon. Esther Ndile’s sentiments. I am on record in other media forums saying that the kitui West seat belongs to all kitui West residents irrespective of family connections, political dynasties or any other undemocratic means.
    Our people will choose their representative to the national assembly without regard to interference from any quarters whatsoever. It is their democratic right to do so. We say no to political dynasties. We say no to hero worship and political idolatry. In that regard, I will be offering myself as a candidate for the kitui West constituency seat when the same is declared vacant by the relevant national institutions. I rest my case.

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