Wiper Fragments into Three as Party Leader Jets Back Home!


The Wiper boss and NASA co-principal Hon Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has come back home today, after spending weeks nursing his sick wife Pauline in Germany, to find his party divided into three factions.

Close sources have revealed that there are major divisions in the Wiper Party, that are fueled by the disagreements on the ideal candidate to run for the Parliamentary seat that has been left vacant by the late hon. Nyenze. Several local leaders endorsed the late mp’s widow Mrs Vethi Nyenze to defend the seat formerly held by her late husband, a thing that caused massive outroar amomg the local MCAs and electorates. Our sources reveal that the Wiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka is fully backing Mrs Vethi Nyenze, and intents to have the party give her a direct nomination.
However, the former Kitui Women Representative Mrs Nyiva Mwendwa, a rather powerful figure in Wiper, who held the Kitui West parliamentary seat for years before Nyenze, and enjoys massive following from majority of the wards in the constituency; is fighting to endorse her son Mr Maluki Kitili to run for the seat on a Wiper ticket too and demands a direct party nomination owing to her key role in amassing political following for the party nation wide. This move by Hon Nyiva Mwendwa comes only a few days after she publicly uttered statements endorsing the late Nyenze’s widow for the seat during the late mp’s funeral barely a week ago!
The Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, another key dignitary in Wiper and lately ranked the best governor countrywide,is also fielding his very own candidate, Mr Fredrick Kimanga.
According to insider information, Hon Kivutha Kibwana is also ardently pushing for his ideal candidate to be given a direct party nomination.
Local MCAs and MPs from the entire Ukambani region have taken sides with both Kivutha and Nyiva, and some have previously gone to press condemning the idea of Mrs Nyenze getting Wiper Party endorsement to succeed her late husband as ‘modern day anarchy’.

Again, word has it that the Wiper boss is scared of losing Mrs Vethi Nyenze to the Jubilee Party, who have been eyeing the Kitui West seat for long. The former National Assembly Minority Leader Hon Nyenze has been severally on the spot for publicly, albeit discreetly, propagating the Jubilee agenda in the past.
Bad cards are evidently in play, with the Kitui County governor Charity Ngilu’s inner circle sources revealing that her party, NARC will be fielding a candidate in the oncoming by-election early next year. Ngilu has been quoted numerously declaring her ‘support’ for Mrs Vethi Nyenze to defend her late husband’s seat. The most likely NARC candidate will either be Ben Mbai or Tonny Mbiti; former contestants in the previous elections, and seasoned politicians who gave Hon Nyenze a run for his money in the August general elections.
The Wiper boss now comes back home to a full in-tray, as he fights to ensure his party retains the Kitui West parliamentary seat held by the late Hon Francis Mwanzia Nyenze.


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