Letter From The Editor

            EDITORIAL NOTE

The Kitui Newspaper Editorial Team
December 26th, Kitui.


Dear Kitui Newspaper readers,

The Yuletide is here, and everyone is in festive moods. However, it has come to the attention of the Kitui Newspaper editorial board that numerous opinion swayers and influential persons in the County Government of Kitui have been tirelessly trying to propagate the Kitui Newspaper as a rival political tool. This editorial note is meant to clarify our stand as an independent media and refute any claims levelled against the paper as false and malicious in all designs.
Honourable citizens of Kitui County, let’s always remember that our country is littered with leprechauns and dragons, and it will only take the sheer determination of an independent media to exorcise such ghouls. Kitui Newspaper is dedicated to unearthing the hidden truths against all odds, and will strive to do so; however unpopular it will make us with the culprits.
With this clarification and pledge, the entire Kitui Newspaper Editorial Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2018! Continue following http://www.kituinewspaper.com for the news others get paid to hush up about.

Brian Peter
Chief Editor
Kitui Newspaper
Where local news counts!

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