High Risk of Toxic Bio-hazard at The Miss Kitui County as Event to Be Held Next to Stored Asbestos Containers!




Health experts, enviromentalists, and philanthropists have expressed deep fears over a threat to a massive toxic bio-hazard exposure to the contestants and guests from all over Kitui County and beyond, as the Miss Kitui County beauty pageant event is scheduled to be held in the same stadium housing several containers of stored asbestos tomorrow.

Two steel containers filled with asbestos lie inside the Kitui Stadium, next to the podium where the judges are expected to sit during the event. It also lies squarely on the path from the Stadium’s entrance, where every attendant will have to enter through. The asbestos containers  have been lying dumped in the stadium for weeks after it was exhumed by the Kitui County government from Kyoongwe Hills in Kitui East after being allegedly illegally dumped by (name witheld for legal purposes) company.The company allegedly purchased the plot previously owned by a former NEMA director from Kitui County last year.
The asbestos now  dumped in the Kitui Stadium has been posing a health threat to the densely populated suburban neighborhood surrounding the stadium and two of the main private hospitals in Kitui town. The Kitui stadium is also located on the banks of the Kalundu River.

When Kitui Newspaper sought a meeting to discuss the issue and propose a possible change of the pageant venue with the  Ministry of Tourism Sports and Culture, the Minister Mr Patrick Koki Musau(Populary known as Kuvasila) brushed off the proposition bluntly. He retariated,  “You can’t hold this government ransom like you did to the previous regime! This matter has nothing to do with me, it is political. Go ahead and publish your ‘politically -sponsored stories’. I am a seasoned politician and will handle the damage.”

“I can as well tell the people those are containers are housing biscuits and they’ll believe me. Everyone will believe anything Mama Ngilu says, hata kama ni uongo( even if it’s lies),” he countered.
He arrogantly cut off the concerns of attendants breathing airbone asbestos dust with, “Waambie basi wasikuje! I don’t care, the event must go on. “
Asbestos and lead are highly toxic bio-hazard heavy metal elements which never leave the human body once ingested or breathed in; and are known for their carcinogenic properties. If breathed it causes lung infections and cancer.
The event, which has been widely publicised in various media platforms comes to a climax tomorrow with contestants from all over Kitui County.
Medical experts have condemned this act by the Kitui County Government as deliberate genocide. They’ve warned that the effects of this negligence will start being felt in a few years to come.






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