KITUI MAYOR’S 1ST ANNIVERSARY as Dr. Malombe attends another burial few metres away!


Kitui Former Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, former Mayor Patrick Makasi… consult during Makasi’s father in-law burial service held in Mulango Ward, Kitui Central

Sunday December 17, 2017
-By Steve Mumbu and Brian Peter

What a coincidence!
It’s on record the controversy that surrounded the untimely and traumatising death of former County Council of Kitui Mayor Her Lordship late Martha Mwangangi last year.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and former governor Dr. Julius Malombe differed sharply as Ngilu and her core supporters claimed she (Ngilu) was the prime target for assassination and her longtime political ally late Martha had been murdered by mistake! On the other side, Malombe alluded that Martha’s death was a normal accident and neither him nor his administration were involved in any way.

It took leaders and the clergy led by former Kitui Catholic Diocese Bishop Antony Muheria now in charge of Nyeri almost half a day plea to contain furious mourners who demanded that Malombe had to leave for the late Martha’s send off to continue but all in vain, Malombe was forced to leave for the burial service to proceed.

The irony now remains, how did late Martha’s memorial graced by Governor Ngilu yesterday coincide with the burial of former Mayor Patrick Makasi’s father in-law burial held at a stone throw-away distance that Dr. Malombe and his wife Edith attended.
Another related drama unfolded at the scene of the fatal accident, where irate youth led by the Kitui County Youths Movement chairman, Mr Moses (Munaa) Munyalo burned a cardboard ‘coffin’ effigy denoting the previous governor in defiance of the act which they termed as “heinous and sinful”!

This happened after the Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu led mourners and family members in a wreath-laying ceremony at the scene where the former Mayor met her untimely death.


Governor Ngilu greets late Martha Mwangangi’s grand daughter Ivean martha as she meets other family members near Kitui Police Station where Mayor Martha was knocked down and killed immediately

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