December 14 2017
-By Steve Mumbu

The floor of Milimani Magistrate Law Courts turned sour when the commencement of the afternoon session of a petition challenging Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s August 8 election victory yesterday was thwarted after a clash inside the court blasted.

The fiery exchange of abuses and fists in the house of justice happened between the petitioner former governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s and Governor Charity Ngilu’s supporters.

The drama unfolded as Governor Ngilu and Dr. Malombe took refuge near the Judge’s podium as they watched helplessly after their efforts to calm the extremely hot scenario hit a dead rock! Heavily armed police intervened after an over hour of fiery fists and orchestrating abuses that saw the start of the afternoon session of cross examination come to a standstill.

The heated exchange ensued until High Court Judge Her Lordship Lady Justice Nyamweya gave instant orders that all supporters of both camps leaves the court room and compound or else be forced out by the police and face arrest

The beastly afternoon drama left former Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s son Robert Kalali and three others arrested who were later released with cash bails.


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