Deputy Director Kitui MoH on Spot Again!

Monday, December 11,      Kitui. 

By Kitui Newspaper Editorial Team 


A copy of the dismissal letter served to Dr Mwangangi in May 2016

The deputy director Ministry of Health Kitui County is on the spot again for the wrong reasons! Dr Evans Mumo Mwangangi caused ripples in social media today, after he allegedly launched fiery attacks on fellow staff he accuses of masterminding his short-lived dismisal in May 2016.
Several sponsored blog posts have been doing rounds in local whatsapp groups accusing a fellow senior officer of insulting and assaulting fellow medics at the Kitui General Hospital this morning.
Investigations have revealed that the implicated officer is currently on official leave till mid January 2018, and hasn’t been seen within the hospital premises recently. Interviews with the local medics reveal that the officer is being targeted as the deputy director accuses him of masterminding his unceremonial dismisal letter dated 19th May 2016.

Commenting on a purpoted signed petition against the targeted officer, several senior medical officials who did not want to be named for fear of repercussions disclosed to The Kitui Newspaper that the petition was done by a cartel that allegedly owns the Oasis Doctor’s Plaza in Kitui town. The cartel, which the deputy director’s wife is one of the directors, and thrives on patients unprocedurally refered to them from the Kitui General Hospital, allegedly paid interns for the petition signatures.
Access to Dr Evans Mumo Mwangangi’s dismisal letter reveals allegations of corruption, gross misconduct and misuse of public office. The deputy director successfully challenged the dismisal in court and was granted reinstatement in late 2016, on the grounds that the right sacking procedures were not followed. The court however did not clear him of the accusations labelled against him in the dismisal letter.

There has been pressure to the Kitui County government by the hospital staff to have the deputy director investigated for the allegations.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Kitui Newspaper Editorial Team, a senior staff at Kitui Level Four Hospital who sought anonymity described the Deputy Director as a “very corrupt and self-centred individual, who is responsible for running a cartel of private-cum-public hospital scam”. She said these medics are on the public payroll, but solely concentrate on their private hospitals in Kitui and Machakos towns; and rebuked the social media attacks on the officer as a “self-defensive mechanism aimed at a hardworking colleague who fights for the rights of the hospital’s staff and patients. ”
From the look of things, the incoming CEC has a full in-tray already, with internal PR such wanting in the Ministry of Health docket.

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