Mystery whatsapp propagandist ~Sky UNMASKED!

Friday, December 8 2017   Kitui.        By Kasuni Mundu

~Sky Unmasked!

From right: Former Kitui mayor Patrick Makasi, with Jonathan Maingi of Kitui Prisons and DC Joshua Chepchieng’ at a past event

The social media propagandist who has been making offensive posts, ruthlessly attacking the personalities of local leaders and County government, alongside spreading charged propaganda in Kitui County whatsapp groups has finally been unveiled.
The Kitui Newspaper investigations revealed that the blogger, who posts under the pseudonym “~Sky”, whose number is +254 775 140214 is actually the former Kitui Mayor Patrick Makasi!

True Caller search shows the Telkom Kenya line as belonging to Mayor Makasi. Blogging under disguise as ~Sky, Patrick Makasi has launched uncountable cyber attacks at the County Government of Kitui, and Governor Ngilu’s leadership.

The former Kitui mayor has a history of giving Narc Party headaches. He is most famous for pinning Narc Party against the wall in June 2014, when he kept demanding the sacking of a nominated MCA, Madam Muli. He accused the woman MCA of “making technical appearances” at the County Assembly and pressed Narc to revoke her nomination. He uses different pseudonyms to attack the politicians who in normal circumstances view him as an ally. Blogging as ~Sky, the former mayor has created storms in local whatsapp groups (Kitui Newspaper and Kitui Professionals) with extremist propaganda and political attacks. This blogger once claimed the Kitui High Court had nullified the election of the Kitui East mp, Hon Nimrod Mbai. There has been numerous attacks on the person of Kitui South Mp Hon Rachael Kaki.

A screenshot of a whatsapp group formed by the mysterious “~Sky” showing the first two members


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