Exposed: The Controversy Behind Jaguar’s Accidents!

By Brian Peter.  Sunday Nov 26th 2017

The Starehe Mp Charles Kanyi Njagua hit the headlines again today in the afternoon when another one of his luxury cars got involved in a road accident near Juja, along the Thika Superhighway. The musician turned legislator “escaped unhurt” from the wreckage, but his driver and bodyguard were not so lucky; sustaining serious injuries from the accident.

This accident, coming barely eight months after another one involving the same legislator’s car had raised eyebrows among Kenyans, with most of them resulting to social media platforms to voice their suspicions. Following  a hint from a facebook post by one Dennis Omanga, and numerous calls for the demystification of this “accident-prone” Kigeugeu hitmaker, Kituu Newspaper has gone undercover to unmask the shady deals behind the honourable performing artist.

Jaguar is not new to controversy, even during his early years, with an irrefutable record of showbiz beefs between him and various top kenyan artists. In October this year, barely into office, he was also involved in a fist-fight with the Embakasi East Member of Parliament Hon Babu Owino. He is also currently on the spot for his unpopular anti-NASA stand.

To understand this saga further, the Kitui Newspaper dug back eight moths ago to an accident that claimed two lives along the Sagana-Makutano highway. The car involved was a Range Rover Sports car, registration number KCB 808J, then owned by Mr Charles Kanyi Njagua. According to eye-witness accounts, the car which killed Joseph Mwangi and Mugo Abdala, was being driven by a woman (who somehow escaped unhurt!) and not Jaguar as he later claimed. The car was towed to Sagana Police Station, and Jaguar left in the company of the mysterious  woman driver,who later got omitted from the picture. Efforts by the parents of the deceased to access the killer vehicle have never born fruit to date, with investigations revealing an interesting twist into the story: the car wreckage was moved a few days later to an undisclosed location!

Interestingly though, the same car was spotted leaving a garage behind Enterprise Road in Nairobi’s Industrial Area weeks later. The garage is allegedly owned by one Charles Kanyi, Jaguar!

So, what is in play here? Seemingly so, our celebrity legislator operates a cartel syndicate with highly influential people in the country. They buy high-end cars, insure them exorbitantly, then proceed to crash the same cars in a manner that leaves them written off. After receiving the full compensation for the car, these fraudulent individuals proceed to buy the same wreck at throw away prices before repairing them in the afore mentioned garage and reselling them for high prices. These influential individuals downplay the accidents, pull strings in the traffic department to prevent ‘unfriendly investigations’, and subvert the IRA!

There has been questions concerning the Kioo hitmaker’s flamboyant lifestyle and his source of wealth, with local grapevine accusing Jaguar of joining The Illuminati sect, but by the look of things now, our honourable celebrity doesn’t make all that money he flashes around from music alone.

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