Transport Paralyzed by Bad Roads as Rains Beat Hard in Kitui County


Residents of Kitui County are disgrunted over the poor state of the road network.
Most of the main roads and key access road are barely passable, with deep gullies and mud piles featuring in almost every stretch. With the heavy rains beating the region, things have even got worse.

Last week, hundreds of university students from seku missed their classes after their school bus got stuck in the mud enroute to school. Most of these students reside in Kwa Vonza town and its environs and there’s only one access road to the university, which is in a pathetic condition.

The residents of Majengo, ithookwe and Manyenyoni, are also a disgrunted lot. The main road to these areas, which border Kitui Township, is a nightmare. Interestingly, this road also leads to the Governor’s home, the Kitui Showgrounds, the only airstrip in the county and one of the most famous schools in the region.

Also during the KCPE period, a school bus overturned on this very road.
Investigations established that the Kitui Showgrounds road construction tender was awarded to a company named Maangi Construction Limited, which has left deep trenches and murram piles lining both sides of the road.

The Association of SEKU students,led by their president Kandie Ronald,in an interview exclusive to Kitui Newspaper, has given the County Government up to Wednesday to address this issue.

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