I’ll Make Sure Kitui is Secure: Governor Ngilu.

Governor Charity Ngilu today addressed demonstrators outside her office, who were demonstrating for deteriorating state of Security in Majengo Kitui after the murder of a businessman last week, and murder threats issued to one of the businessmen in Kitui by one Simon Mwangi through a phone call. She assured them that she will do all she can to make sure there is Security Control in not only Majengo, but the whole County. Governor Ngilu promised to hold a meeting with Security chiefs in the County, to ensure the issue of insecurity is handled. Ngilu vowed to protect the people of Kitui from contraband goods and commodities, which are not fit for human consumption.

Breaking News: Eng. Mati Storms County Assembly Demanding Speaker Issues Orders He Attend Seatings.

Tuesday 7 August, Kitui. By Brian Peter

Eng. Musee Mati of Mutonguni Ward is whisked off the Kitui County Assembly after he stormed the chqmbers demanding that the speaker should issue orders for him to attend house seatings as the validly elected MCA

The Kitui County Assembly has been treated to another circus today, after Eng. Musee Mati of Mutonguni Ward stormed the chambers demanding the speaker issues orders allowing him to conduct house business as the validly elected Mutonguni Ward MCA.

This comes at a time when there are two pending appeal cases at the Court of Appeal filed by Felix Baridi Mbevo and Eng. Musee Mati challenging the high court ruling that send Mutonguni Ward back to by-elections.

Engineer Mati is challenging that if Baridi Mbevo is still allowed to conduct house business, then the same case should apply to him too.

NYC Launches Strategic Plan As President Sets to Meet NYC Leaders Across the Country

Monday 6 August, Makueni. By Brian Peter

The international youth week launch held today in Makueni County turned out to be a laughing pad for the National Youth Council (NYC) strategic plan. In an event that brought together all elected leaders in Makueni led by the Makueni governor, the Deputy President William Ruto officiated the NYC plan and committed to ensure that the body is revamped and supported fully.

“Your excellency the DP, the NYC is the official voice of the youth across the country. We however cannot manage to coordinate youth initiatives across the country without a plan and a strategy. NYC delegates gathered here are honored to host you as you officially launch this strategic plan”, said the NYC Mr Raymond Ochieng.

The NYC has been the most vibrant youth outfit in Ukambani with most of its presence and prominence being felt in Kitui and some parts of Makueni County.

“Today it is my honor to launch the National Youth Council strategic plan to ensure that youth leaders across the country are mainstreamed in the government operations” posed the deputy president.

In the main event, the deputy president noted that it was deed good that even youth leaders want to work “with a plan and a strategy”. He said that working without a plan was a sure way of losing any activity that youth intend to engage in.

“The deputy president and the President have been at the forefront in helping young leaders. I am confident that the NYC will be embolded and will continue to serve it’s mandate accordingly,” said the Makueni governor Prof Kibwana.

The Makueni Women Rep Ruth Museo and Senator Mutula junior have encouraged the youths to be proactive and engage in leadership activities.

In attendance from Kitui County was Aggrey Nzomo of NYC Kitui and Benson Mutemi of NYC Eastern.

Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile Condolences Message to St. Gabriel’s Primary School

Gone with the Angels

It is with deep sorrow that I hereby convey my heartfelt condolences to the community of St. Gabriel’s Primary School , parents who lost their beloved children,residents of Mwingi and entire KITUI county fraternity for the loss of eight pupils in a grisly road accident at Kanginga near Mwingi town.

I pray the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding be upon you during this very difficult period.

I wish quick recovery to those injured and recuperating in hospital.

Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile
Vice Chairperson CAF
MCA- Kitui County Assembly

Hon. Wangunze’s statement on the fracas witnessed in the County Assembly this week.

I hereby strongly condemn the unfortunate misunderstandings and subsequent mayhem witnessed among my colleague honourable members on the floor of the house.
My brethren, we can amicably find solutions to pertinent issues affecting Musangi rather than throwing unnecessary tantrums to one another for the better of us all as Kitui County!

I’m looking forward to a future drove by our ever structured proceedings for the realization of our Governor’s 5-pillar manifesto in whole!

Hon James Mbuvi Wangunze
MCA – Chuluni ward
Member, House Committee on Finance

Statement by Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile on the recent squabbles at the Kitui County Assembly


Speaking from Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA- United States of America(USA), this is Hon. Kalunda’s response to this week’s happenings at the Kitui County Assembly:


All protocol observed, I wish to clarify some important points:

That the integrity of honorable members must be upheld at all times no matter the circumstances;
That respect for honorable members towards one another must be observed.
Let us not be so buried in personal conflict and hence forget that our core mandate is representation and discharge of unconditional service to the people of Kitui County.
We cannot offer service and discharge duties to our people through name calling and by washing our dirty linen in public.
That conflict may happen among individuals in a group. Incompatibilities and misunderstandings among individuals may bring about disagreements because we all have different personalities with differing views and ideas. Differences in views can also be helpful in coming up with decisions which eventually we may ride upon to reach our objectives.
In other words, conflict is an inevitable part of work. However conflict is not a bad thing. When you resolve it effectively you can also eliminate many of the hidden problems that it brought to the surface.
Let us avoid blanket blame and take personal responsibility on the role we have played and contributed in things being the way they are.

As a fellow Member of the Kitui County Assembly, and the Vice Chairperson of the County Assemblies Forum(CAF) the umbrella body for the 47 counties, here is a little advice to my colleagues on the way forward:
I agree that there could have been mistakes that needed to be urgently corrected but doing so through media was the wrong approach after all we are all brothers and sisters and must always endeavor to speak to one another one-on-one but not through proxies.
We must stop allowing our party affiliations to divide and rule us to the detriment of our service to the Musangi’s who look up to us daily to offer the much needed solutions. Remember we are the solution carriers to Musangis problems.
Remembering the wise counsel of Speaker Hon. Ndotto when we got first inducted into the assembly he advised, “Once a member gets inside the chamber they should always leave their party names, titles and symbols out there. Inside chambers each member is simply an MCA.” It is the contribution each member effects to bring change to Kituians that will be used as their yardstick.
I now call upon the majority and minority leaders and entire leadership of the County Assembly to take up their mantles and steer the assembly towards the right direction.
I hereby also humbly appeal to the minority leader who is my colleague, friend and brother AKA as the Hon. Mbaki Mbaki to find it within his heart and make an unconditional apology to his brothers and sisters and honorable members of the Kitui County Assembly for allegations he made against them through media. While there could be some with tainted names its not right to assume that everyone is guilty. Sometimes it takes a principle just to be the bigger person.
Otherwise let us not allow posterity to judge us harshly.
Thank you.


Hon. Esther Kalunda Ndile.
Vice Chairperson County Assemblies Forum(CAF).
MCA- Kitui County Assembly

NAME: Esther Kalunda Ndile

PROFESSION: consultant Psychologist

EDUCATION: bachelors in Counselling Psychology, I Masters in Health Psychology (all from the University of Nairobi), currently a PHD student.

CURRENT POSITION: member of the County Assembly of Kitui, Vice Chairperson County Assemblies Forum (CAF)

BIO: Hon.Esther Kalunda Ndile holds dearly in her heart issues to do with women empowerment and is a believer in strong family values; as she holds that any sustainable development originates from the household level.

Why Kitui MCAs Fought Today: Wiper Broker Games Exposed!

Wednesday 1 August, Kitui. By Our Reporter.

A big section of the Wiper MCAs have today raised the temper of their House leader who hails from Kitui South leading to a scuffle in the house, Kitui Newspaper has established. This came at the backdrop of a heated lobby by the son of Kitui South yesternight at a popular restaurant in Kitui Town, which was also attended by our moles, to lure them into shooting down the emergency bill and the CIDP.

Known for his witty scheming, the 2nd term MCA has been known to use his title to swindle cash ahead of passing of any county bill. Early this week, he made rounds in local FMs stations punching holes and creating pressure ahead of today’s crucial bills.

“This seat he owns is an elective seat but he was given it freely. He is unpopular and wants to use our party to open a kiosk for handouts and rent seeking. He is in for a big shock”, reveals a Wiper member who sought anonymity. Apparently, the MCA was given a nomination by the party leader, something that did not auger well with the other MCAs.

However things went south today when he realized that 23 Wiper MCAs had decamped and decided to support the bills. Despite having lobbied his Wiper team he was shocked to learn that they had decided to stay put and pass the bills without amendments.

“We’ve been informed that he gave the 4 MCAs kshs 2,000 to help him in the fight. It is shocking”, disclosed another Wiper MCA.

Dejected and hollow, he stormed in to the chamber and raked havoc. Haphazardly throwing objects in the air, he knocked off a disabled member of the house before leaving the Assembly Hazard in pieces.

In the face of a politically injured Wiper broker and a CA accused of bribery and in the face of a divided Wiper Team up for grabs, only time will tell….

Soon to follow: The Cash Assembly- Explosive expose on the Ills and Rot in the Kitui County Assembly, and the money-trails… Follow http://www.kituinewspaper.com to stay in the know.